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Identity Crisis

Well, Jackson doesn't have Zollinger-Ellison. Taub gets to inform the parents that their son is going to die. Hadley decides to hang out nearby and look sad. Bad idea. Mom sees her and charges up to let her know that her son is dying and won't let his parents into his room to see him. "I'm sorry," Hadley says. I think she's supposed to legitimately be sorry, but she certainly doesn't sound like it. Mom starts laying into Hadley, who takes it and even helps out, listing off the ways she approached this case incorrectly. This only makes Mom angrier. As she accuses Hadley of trying to apologize to absolve herself of guilt, Cuddy walks up to diffuse the situation. She tells Mom to be with her son. "He won't let us in the room!" she sobs without tears. Cuddy reminds her that Jackson is a teenager and Mom is his mother. She doesn't have to do everything he says. Plus, he's asleep right now so he won't even know. "Go be with him," she says. Now that she's a mother herself, Cuddy knows what needs to be said and done. The parents walk away, and Hadley thanks Cuddy for rescuing her. That was yet another bad idea, the 576th one Hadley's had this week. Cuddy just turns slowly towards her and coldly says, "I didn't do it for you."

A triumphant Cuddy returns to her office to find Wilson waiting for her. He says they made a mistake coming down on House for the methadone, as Wilson has now realized that it's good for House. Who cares if he has to hire someone to watch him sleep lest he stop breathing? He shaved! And, Wilson says, he's happy. "House doesn't do happy. Pain or no pain," Cuddy reminds him. Wilson says if he isn't happy, he's not miserable. And he thinks it's House's "one chance" to be that way as if cutting off his leg is not an option.

Jackson allows his parents to stay at his bedside. Do you think they told him the truth that he's dying, or are they going to wait until he's a little older?

The next morning, Hadley and Foreman get dressed for work. Foreman tells Hadley that Jackson is already responding well to the anti-inflammatories for his scleroderma. "So he's dying slightly less quickly than we thought? That's great news," Hadley sighs. She sure thought it was when she was taking that Huntington's drug. When she hears about Jackson's latest AST levels, though, she thinks they've gotten way too low way too soon for it to be because of the scleroderma treatment. She thinks it's from the testosterone injections improving his kidney function. But that could only happen if Jackson's kidneys had been damaged by something other than scleroderma.

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