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Identity Crisis

Later that day, Hadley visits Jackson. Of course. God forbid we shouldn't get some resolution on her precious connection with her young patient. Jackson says he's feeling better and has forgiven his parents now that his mother is letting him take dance lessons. Now he's afraid he'll miss basketball. "No reason you can't do both," Hadley says; "give me a call when you turn 18, 'kay?"

Cuddy stops by House's office with his daily methadone. She says this office delivery is a one-time-only deal. Actually, House says, it's a no-time-only deal. He's stopping the methadone. He wants to LIIIVE!!! Actually, no. He just doesn't want to screw up. When he was on methadone, he agreed to an unnecessary MRI that could have killed his patient. Cuddy says that's ridiculous; "you don't need your pain to be a good doctor." House thinks he needs it to be a great one, and asks Cuddy why it's so important to her that he's happy. Duh, House. Come on. But Cuddy won't admit that she actually cares about him, so instead she says House is afraid of change, and can't bear the possibility that he'll lose the only thing he can count on -- his intellect. And his handicapped parking spot! Don't forget that. He throws the methadone away and says "this is the only me you get." With that, he grabs a substitute cane and limps out.

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