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Identity Crisis

Cuddy is also in the Clinic. It turns out that she instructed some nurse who isn't Evil Nurse Brenda to give House "the moron with the broken finger." Nurse says she did, and they've been in the exam room together for ten minutes now. Cuddy says that can't be -- House would have figured out what was wrong with the patient and insulted him until he demanded another doctor seven minutes ago. But no -- as she watches, the idiot leaves the exam room with a brace on his finger and kind parting words for his doctor: "thanks, bro." Okay ... there's being an idiot, and then there's serious mental retardation. The guy didn't feel the pain in his finger at the time that he actually broke it? Or when it throbbed and swelled up for days afterward? He can't tell finger pain from limb pain? This makes no sense. House just nods and walks away, swinging his cane as he goes. Cuddy looks Really Concerned.

Hadley administers the drugs to Jackson, who wants to know what she's giving him. She says "some extra medicine" and then starts making conversation with him, because why have Taub or Kumar bond with a patient when we can give Hadley more screentime? Jackson admits that he's not really into basketball, but his mother made him do it. Hadley says her parents were like that, too, until one of them made Hadley's life really inconvenient by getting sick, thereby earning Hadley's hatred and disgust forevermore. Jackson reveals that he really wants to take dance classes (GIRL ALERT!!!) but his mother wasn't having that and forced him to do basketball instead. And Jackson's father went along with whatever Mom wanted. With that, Hadley notices that Jackson's palms are red. Jackson asks what that means. "We still don't know what's wrong with you," Hadley says. Way to scare the shit out a child, Hadley. She really has no concept of what to say and what not to say to kids, huh?

In a hilariously overdramatic scene, Cuddy bursts into Wilson's office and somberly reports that House is, in fact, in a good mood.

Kumar gets some lines for a change, but they're about Foreman and Hadley, of course. He finds Foreman alone in the meeting room and says it's too bad things didn't work out with the Super Couple, but it's probably for the best since Hadley's bisexual, so there's twice the opportunities for her to cheat on him. Kumar continuities that like two days before she started dating Foreman, Hadley was having one-night stands with random women. "You really think you can compete with that?" Kumar says. Ha! Foreman looks Concerned.

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