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Identity Crisis

She makes a copy of it and reads it aloud to House, who can't be thrilled about the impromptu poetry reading in his office. Anyway, here goes:

by Jackson

I stand alone, my soul and me
the mask that others see.
A pain that tears and bites and
will not bend
Only when I sleep will it end.

House is pretending to be dead before she finishes the second line. Hadley almost falls for it, but Kumar's sitting around with an oxygen mask. House does not stand alone beneath the oxygen mask that others see, as Cuddy has assigned Kumar to baby-sit him and he's faking death in protest. House proclaims the poem a "downer. And medically irrellelel ... " Hadley falls for it again, so Kumar gets up to check on their boss. As soon as he gets close with the oxygen mask, House tells him to back off and requests that Hadley grabs his nipples. Hadley informs House that making them relive the moment where they crapped their pants isn't funny, but it's not like she was even there. That was like one of only scenes in the last two seasons that she wasn't in. Foreman decides to screw around with House by rubbing Hadley's shoulder and saying it's sweet that she's worried about him. How is that screwing around with House? By rubbing his face in the relationship you aren't allowed to have? Anyway, it wakes House up, and he says the poem doesn't mean anything. Hadley thinks Jackson might be suicidal. Based on one angsty teenage poem? Has she ever heard of Livejournal? Jackson's poem is downright cheerful compared to the woe-is-me-no-one-understands-my-unique-brand-of-pain stuff the kids write there. Taub runs in and says they found toxoplasmosis in Jackson's water bottle. Hadley volunteers to administer the necessary drugs.

But first, she's going to violate Jackson's privacy by showing his poem to his parents. How embarrassing. They're very upset to see that their son is in pain, with Mom putting a hand over her mouth like she always does when tragedy strikes and Practical Dad asking if they can get a therapist. Hadley doesn't think a therapist is necessary -- just a big dose of Truth from his parents. Uh ... I think a therapist might not be a bad idea, either, actually. The truth is a good thing, but that doesn't mean it's easy to hear. Mom insists that Jackson isn't ready to hear the truth, although Dad protests that it might help him stop feeling bad. Yes, I'm sure he'll be happy and secure in his identity when he finds out he's half-girl. Mom says if she knew it would help Jackson, she'd tell him. But there's a chance that it could make things even worse, and she doesn't want to take that chance right now while her son's vital organs are failing. Hadley says Jackson is looking for answers on why he feels different. Mom says every teenager feels different (true) and orders Hadley to re-start Jackson's testosterone. Hadley purses her lips to indicate anger.

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