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Identity Crisis

Taub and Kumar are hanging out in the locker room together. I think Kumar should just take everything out of his locker and leave, never to return. Remember when he had a real movie career? He doesn't need this show and it's made it more than obvious that it doesn't need him. Foreman enters and asks why they're jerking him and Hadley around. Kumar smiles and announces that he just won the bet, and collects money from a sighing Taub. Apparently, Foreman gave the game away by smelling like Hadley's soap every morning. Kumar's nose is way too observant. I could not tell you what anyone I know's soap smells like. Maybe if they used way too much of it and didn't wash it off? Anyway, Foreman is shocked to learn that it was Kumar who figured them out and not House. So House wasn't jerking them around and didn't know that they were secretly dating. Until Foreman rubbed Hadley's shoulder right in front of him. Moron. Foreman informs Kumar that House is smarter than him (and Kumar is smarter than Foreman. Therefore, Foreman is the stupidest) and decides to make a call.

Wilson's phone rings. He's at a bar with House, and it appears to be the same bar that his girlfriend died picking House up from. What a pleasant trip down memory lane! Or maybe they just didn't change the bar set up enough for it to look different. Anyway, Foreman greets Wilson with "House is on heroin!" Wilson clearly can't talk about this right now, but Foreman barrels on, saying it explains House's breathing stoppage, good mood, and missing certain things. It does seem rather drastic for both Wilson and Foreman to jump to heroin, but House also took LSD to get over a headache once, so anything is possible. "We'll run some tests and I'll let you know," Wilson says. Foreman finally figures out that House is sitting right across from him and lets Wilson go. Meanwhile, House is still observant enough to spot the arrival of a shot of bourbon in front of his plate. Wilson ordered it to celebrate House regaining his ability to breathe again and they toast. But House frowns and puts the shot glass back down on the table without taking a drink. Wilson makes himself incredibly obvious by offering to get House a shot of something else if he doesn't like bourbon. House doesn't want a shot of anything -- he was expecting Wilson to lecture him about being more careful with his Vicodin ingestion. Instead, Wilson is throwing alcohol -- a respiratory depressant -- at him. Yeah, that is a little bit suspicious. House immediately deduces that Wilson thinks he's on heroin, and is testing him by offering him alcohol that House can't drink if he is on the drug unless he wants to stop breathing again. Wilson's busted, so he just asks House if he's right. As if House would tell him the truth. Instead, he drinks the shot and takes off.

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