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Guess who feels bad about not talking to his father now? Dibala's youngest son, who is let into the morgue to see his dad. Did Dibala die, like, five minutes ago? Because not only did they not wipe the blood off of his face yet, but it's also still red.

And guess who also knows how it feels to suddenly lose a father before you get a chance to patch things up with him? Chase, who watches Cameron sleep for a while before trying to get some sleep of his own. I have a feeling he won't succeed in that goal. I wonder if one of his thoughts will be that he never knew for sure that Dibala would kill all those people. Sure, he pretty much said he would, but the UN could have stopped him or Ntila could have taken over power or he could have changed his mind. You really never know, and that's why you can't go around killing people for something they might do.

Oh, and Foreman burned the morgue sign-in sheet because what else could he do? If he turns Chase in, then he's stuck working with just Cameron. Although you'd think he'd find a less dramatic and more low-key way of destroying the sheet than setting it on fire in his office. That's what they invented paper shredders for.

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