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th personal bullshit. Hadley and her awesome leather jacket got a call from Princeton General asking her to come for an interview. She figures Foreman had something to do with that. He admits that he did. For this, he gets dinner with Hadley tomorrow. I can't blame her. The job market is tough. I'd totally go out to dinner with a guy who could get me an interview somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably with health benefits.

House returns to Wilson's home to find a one-armed man at the mailboxes. It's Murphy, and he knows exactly who House is. He spots the cane and says it's responsible for all the "damn noise." Apparently, House makes so much noise tapping around on the floor that the neighbor is having trouble sleeping. House swore not to talk to Murphy, but he can't resist pointing out that the neighbor is complaining about the volume of a cane, which, by the way, has a rubber tip on the end and not a tap shoe. But how awesome would it be if it did have a tap shoe on the end? Season 7, guys. Come on. House tries to make nice with Murphy, actually apologizing and promising to try to be quieter. Murphy says he doesn't "give a crap" about that. "You keep it down or we're gonna have trouble," he says. Um, really? Because I'm pretty sure you can't kick someone out of a condo because the cane that he has to use is too loud. Hell, I can't even kick my old deaf neighbor who listens to her TV at full blast all day long and screams into her phone all night out. "Wow," House says to himself after the guy walks away. Wow, indeed. I didn't think House was capable of keeping his mouth shut in the face of such assholishness. Hooray for therapy!

Cameron has been paged to Dibala's room, where there's a woman who used to live in his country (and somehow made it out of there to the United States), and recovered from Lassa fever, meaning her plasma is full of helpful antibodies that Dibala's country's health minister says will be better for him than the medicine. Come on, Dibala. I wouldn't trust your country's health minister against a United States doctor. Then again, that United States doctor is Cameron, so ... hmmm. Close one. Ntila hands Cameron a signed consent form from the woman that it's pretty obvious she signed under duress. Cameron refuses.

To Cuddy's office they go! Cuddy explains to the woman that her blood will be used to cure Dibala. "I know," she says, insisting that she wants to donate her blood. Even though she's from the Southern people. You'd think that if Dibala hated them enough to want to kill two million of them, he certainly wouldn't want their blood coursing through his veins. Weird. Cameron figures that the woman's family back in her home country will be hurt or killed if she doesn't give her blood, but that doesn't matter. The woman is an adult and consented -- even begged -- to give her blood, so she will. Cuddy says that even if the woman was coerced, she'd much rather the woman give blood than her entire family be killed. Although that woman's family will probably be killed anyway. But this way it's not Cuddy's fault.

Chase is hanging out in the hallway when he sees a familiar figure rolling a medical cart down the hall. It's the guy from the Clinic, and he managed to disguise himself in PPTH scrubs, get access to a medical cart, and figure out which room Dibala was in. "Hey! Don't let him in there!" Chase yells to Dibala's guards. But he's moving in slow-motion which, while dramatic, doesn't get him to the room in time. Although even if he was moving at regular speed, who was going to stop the guy? PPTH Security? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

Fortunately for Dibala, his guards didn't train where PPTH Security do (if they even do train, which is doubtful), so they are on top of the situation. The guy manages to get two shots off, but both miss Dibala. One of Dibala's guards is currently on top of the guy beating him to a pulp. "Who is that man?" Dibala yells, no doubt ready to enter it into the iPhone app he and his people apparently have that tracks all of his countrymen all over the world just in case he needs Lassa fever blood or something, complete with the names and addresses of all family members back in his country, just in case they need to twist some arms. So, that guy's entire family just got murdered. Chase is only concerned with Dibala's right eye, which is all bloodshot.

After the break, Chase tends to the would-be assassin, who doesn't even get a Clinic room. He's just propped up against a hallway wall, bleeding all over the place, on display for all of PPTH's patients and employees. Yes, there's the guy who almost murdered a patient because PPTH doesn't keep its scrubs or medical equipment under lock and key or check its visitors for weapons. Chase tells the guy he'll need a lawyer, but even though what he did was "stupid" and "terrible" (I don't know about that), the court should go easy on him because of what Dibala's people did to his wife. The guy says that woman wasn't his wife at all. He didn't even know her. He was one of the boys in that labor league who raped and tortured her under the orders of Dibala's men. And, the guy says, that will happen to all of the Southern people if Dibala recovers.

Back home, Cameron is initially mad at Chase for getting involved in the assassination attempt, saying he could have been killed himself. Not really, Cameron. The guy was a terrible shot. Obviously, the labor league's training did not include firearms. "He fired a gun in the hospital!" Cameron says, like that's something new. It happens every week at PPTH. Get over it already. Chase takes his shirt off because this season is all about less clothing and hugs Cameron, who reveals that one of the reasons why she didn't want Chase involved with the assassination attempt is that she wouldn't mind if Dibala was killed. "Maybe next time don't yell out that warning," she says. Poor Chase just can't win.

Foreman reveals that Dibala's bloody right eye came from an enlarged lymph node that blocked the retinal vein. That's a new symptom, and House clearly has an idea of what it means but refuses to say it because he doesn't want to "inadvertently" undermine Foreman's authority. Then why be there at all, House? Foreman guesses sarcoidosis, and House clears his throat loudly, conspicuously, and undermining-ly before putting on a big show of looking at a chest X-ray. Chase explains that House is showing them something on it that rules out sarcoidosis. House's happy face turns clownishly sad when Foreman comes up with a staph infection next. He shakes his hand and sticks a finger in his mouth. "He smokes?" Chase guesses. They don't play a lot of charades in Australia, I guess. Foreman knows what House is saying: he was miming a thermometer to say that Dibala's fever isn't high enough for it to be a staph infection. House's expression turns happy again. "Lymphoma," Foreman says next. No, that's not right either. House uses his arms to form the letters "L" and a lower-case "d," then asks for Cameron's legs' assistance in making an "H." Cameron quickly says House is trying to say that Dibala's normal LDH readings rule out lymphoma. I just want to know why House made a lower-case "D" when it would have been easier to do the upper-case version. Anyway, Foreman doesn't care about LDH levels and orders Cameron and Chase to biopsy Dibala's lymph node. On his way out, House suggests that Foreman close the blinds. He does, only to find that House wrote "lymphoma ta da!!" on them. Authority: undermined. Also, that sucks for the cleaning crew.

House zips over to Wilson's office to be lectured on how he treated Wilson's asshole neighbor, who apparently went running to Wilson to complain about the "rude jerk" he lives with. Even though House didn't do anything wrong, Wilson is still mad at him for talking to Murphy at all. What, was he supposed to give the guy the silent treatment at the mailboxes? Then Murphy would have complained to Wilson about that. House tells Wilson not to worry -- he has some dirt on Murphy: he's lying about his stint in Vietnam and resulting war wound. Well, the wound itself is

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