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real -- he definitely has a hook where his hand should be -- but the way he got it is not. For House happened to notice that Murphy was holding a letter from a private medical insurance company, which he shouldn't have if he's a vet because they get the VA for their medical needs. That's not always the greatest thing in the world, but it's probably better than PPTH. Also, House notes, the guy is too young to have served in Vietnam. A little online detective work revealed no records of service for Murphy, either. Wilson asks why someone would lie about serving in Vietnam. "Victims get pity, heroes get adulation. It's way better," House says, so mad that he didn't think of this first. Wilson tells him to stop investigating Murphy and start writing an apology letter. Come on, Wilson. An apology letter? House isn't your child who you need to teach a lesson about personal responsibility. "Being nice to people you hate -- that's a skill," Wilson says. You know what else is a skill? Standing up to your neighbors who make unreasonable demands.

Chase and Dibala spend some quality time together. Dibala thanks Chase for saving his life. Chase says that the would-be assassin told him that Dibala is preparing to massacre millions of people. Dibala says he's just "fighting a guerilla war." Chase says another word for that seems to be "genocide." Dibala says it's not that simple -- the Southern people massacred tens of thousands of people twenty years ago when their rebels took over part of the south. "And they would happily do it again! I'm trying to impose order. I'm trying to prevent genocide," Dibala says. And when he says it, it really does sound reasonable and make logical sense. But that might also be because it's James Earl Jones saying it. He says that his youngest son -- the one at Princeton -- hasn't spoken to him in years because of the things the American newspaper accuse Dibala of. So American newspapers are accusing Dibala of genocide, and yet we still let him in this country? And the UN wants to meet with him? And he still pays to send his son to an American school? Weird. Chase asks Dibala about that labor league, and Dibala sighs and takes responsibility for it -- sort of -- saying that he hired men to run it who "stepped over the line" "in their zeal." But he assures Chase that he's very sorry about all that. Not as sorry as the victims of that "zeal," I'd bet. "That will not happen again," Dibala promises. Because there won't be any people left for the labor league to torture.

House actually wrote the apology letter and is about to leave it on Murphy's doorstep when a cleaning lady opens the door and walks out with some garbage bags, thus leaving the guy's door wide open. Okay, fire her ass. That's ridiculous. There's a strange man standing right there, and she just walks away from the apartment and leaves it open? I'll bet the cleaning ladies in Dibala's country wouldn't dare to act like this. House starts to look inside, but then summons up all of his strength and actually leaves the letter on the doormat and starts to walk away without doing anything illegal. This won't do at all, so God promptly strikes House down by causing his cane to slip on the hallway floor. House's legs fly out from under him and he crashes to the ground, taking a bucket full of splashing water sound effects with him. House quickly picks up his apology letter before it gets too wet and now he has no choice but to enter Murphy's apartment and leave the note in a dry place. And while he's in there, he just happens to notice a big Canadian flag on the wall. Hey, he tried to be good. This is still progress.

Chase finds Cameron in the lab looking at Dibala's biopsy. He wants to talk to her about her "joking" about letting Dibala be assassinated. Cameron insists that that was no joke. "You can't want to kill anyone. Especially not your own patient," Chase insists. Cameron doesn't think it's that simple, but Chase says you'd have to be a psychopath to kill someone without having "some sort of breakdown." Cameron thinks it would be justified in this case, but Chase says that doesn't matter. Cameron says she's not going to kill Dibala, but she wouldn't be all that broken up if he died, either. And anyway, the biopsy is negative for lymphoma.

Murphy comes home to find House waiting for him outside his apartment, looking very smug indeed. House says he knows Murphy's dirty little secret, thanks to a look at his proudly-displayed flag and a chat he apparently had with the housekeeper afterwards. I hope that chat was good for her, because she is so fired now. Murphy is definitely Canadian, and House knows that Canada didn't send troops to Vietnam. Outraged rather than busted, Murphy quickly tells House that he's going to jail for breaking into his apartment, to which House says he'll join Murphy there, because pretending to be a war hero is against the law. Is it really? Even if it's just so you can get away with being an asshole to your neighbors? As it happens, though, Murphy did go to Vietnam from Canada after all: they sent troops over to reinforce the 1973 peace accords. That was where Murphy tried to save a boy who stepped on a landmine. He was not successful in this endeavor, and for thirty-six years since then, his phantom hand still feels like it's closed tightly and painfully around the boy's arm. "Oh," House says. Yeah. OOPS. House is lucky he wasn't punched in the face by an arm-hook.

Chase and Cameron inform Dibala that the biopsy was negative. Dibala doesn't seem relieved about the news, though, most likely because he doesn't remember them even saying it. He asks about the biopsy results again. So that's a new symptom.

But let's check in on Foreman and Hadley for some reason. They're out to dinner, eating outside even though we're supposed to be in New Jersey in mid-October. The LA writers forgot that it's cold outside in other parts of the country. Foreman thanks Hadley for coming around and being so understanding about him firing her. He says it was his only choice if they had a hope of staying together. Not quite, Hadley says. Foreman could have stepped down as head of diagnostics. Foreman says they both would have lost their jobs then, since there wouldn't be a diagnostic department. Hadley says Cameron or Chase could have taken the head position, since they're both obviously interested enough in the department to temporarily be on the team. She asks Foreman what he would do if he could do it again. All he has to do is say what she wants to hear, but he won't. "I made the right decision," he insists. Hadley decides to get dinner somewhere else. Doesn't she know Foreman well enough by now to know that he can't see when he's wrong, let alone admit it to someone else? And hasn't she been on this show long enough to know that no one gets any real character development so he'll stay that way forever?

Meanwhile, back at PPTH, someone decided to save on the power bills by turning the lights out in the hallway outside Dibala's room, where Ntila asks Cameron for her "medical opinion" as to whether or not Dibala is capable of thinking clearly. Ntila, if you want a good medical opinion, you should probably ask someone -- ANYONE -- else. Even Wilson's neighbor's cleaning lady would be a better choice. Cameron says he isn't, for now. When Ntila asks about the future, Cameron has a nice little opportunity to possibly undermine Dibala's rule and takes it, telling Ntila that Dibala is declining and will not get better, so they'll never know from now on if his orders are sound or "just the delusions of a sick, mad, dying, old man." Meanwhile, she could not be more obvious in her agenda. No doctor talks like that when she's giving actual medical advice. Nor do they disclose things like this to the patient's personal bodyguard or whatever Ntila is. But nice try anyway, Cameron.

House returns to PPTH to diagnose Dibala with scleroderma. He cites Dibala's nice, tight skin as a symptom. That might also just be a symptom of black don't crack, though, House. Foreman likes blastomycosis, a fungal infection, instead. Ch

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