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linic case. Foreman asks if he happened to stop by another morgue patient who died from scleroderma while he was down there and take some of her blood. And then test it. And say it was Dibala's, then convincing Foreman to treat him for something he didn't have and killing him. Chase says Cameron had nothing to do with it, although we already knew that when she pussied out of killing Dibala. Chase says Dibala was going to kill two million people. Foreman doesn't care, because those people are not his patients and thus their deaths have no effect on his success rate as head of diagnostics, which is currently a lowly 50%. Chase says that all of their work and all of the lives they saved would have meant nothing if he helped Dibala get better to go back to his country and murder those people. Now that Dibala's dead, things are already getting better in his country. Moderates have come to power and they want peace talks. If Foreman tells on Chase, then Dibala will become a martyr and the Southern people will be screwed again. Foreman says if he doesn't tell on Chase, then he's an accomplice to murder. I guess he's going to be an accomplice no matter what at this point. Better to be an accomplice to the murder of one guy than to the murder of millions. Chase has yet another request of Foreman: if he does turn Chase in, let him know so he can tell Cameron before the cops come. Meanwhile, did anyone check to make sure there's no one else in the locker room? I feel sorry for the janitor who just heard all of that. What's he supposed to do now? Anyway, Foreman is shocked. "Chase," he gasps; "you really think you can kill another human being without any consequences to yourself?" "No," Chase says. But I guess he figured his soul was worth less than the lives of all of the people Dibala won't get a chance to kill.

House returns to Wilson's apartment to find that things have changed. Murphy called Wilson sounding uncharacteristically happy to tell them that he will not be pressing charges against House, who is free to stay at Wilson's place as long as he wants. And he's approving the stupid garden thing Wilson was so hot on. Wilson knows this amazing turnaround did not happen independent of House's machinations. "What did you do to him?" he asks. "I was nice," House says. He offers to give Wilson the details if he really wants them, but Wilson says he'll just give House "the benefit of the doubt." And with that, they watch as an alligator on TV attempts to catch a frog on a nearby lily pad. The frog escapes, and the men say "OH!" in unison.

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