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Pissed Off

Foreman tells Chase to tell Sgt. John not to tangle the IV lines. Chase has already written that message to Sgt. John, as, Chase points out, he also went to medical school. Yeah, but that medical school might have been in France, and who knows what they teach there? When Sgt. John crosses his arms over his chest, he realizes that he can't feel his stomach. The paralysis is working its way upward. Sgt. John freaks out, and Chase's next message to him, "trouble breathing?," doesn't exactly help matters.

Meanwhile, House can't fall asleep. He tosses and turns while the clock ticks away like he's in a sleep-aid commercial. At 6 AM, he gives up. He finds Foreman and Chase sacked out on the couch, and reports that his night sucked.

In the meeting room, Chase says that the ascending paralysis means that uranium toxicity can't be the problem after all. House thought they ruled that out, and Foreman says that they decided to treat Sgt. John for it anyway. House is pissed; now they don't know if the ascending paralysis is because of whatever is wrong with Sgt. John or because of the uranium toxicity treatment. He says they need more information, but the Cottages protest that there's no more information to get. And then they all get paged.

Everyone heads for Sgt. John's room, where they find Cuddy hovering over the patient, who is unconscious and pale, his BP dropping. "He's bleeding out," says House. Cameron points out that there's no blood on the bed to indicate this, and Chase says that there's no sign of internal bleeding, either. But House orders a transfusion anyway. No one moves. Cuddy says that Sgt. John doesn't need a transfusion, and he asks her what she's even doing in the room. Chase walks over to House, but slips on some yellow liquid near House's leg. In fact, it's coming from House's leg. From a leaking catheter bag around House's ankle, to be more specific. GROSS. Everyone stares at House, who orders them to get him blood and forget the pee on the floor. Foreman points out that House has a nosebleed, and now House is in a fish-eye lens so you know something funny is going on. House asks Cuddy why she's there again. "I'm always here," she says, smiling. "No, you're not," House says. It's true; she's really not in that many scenes each episode. It's a shame. And then House wakes up. It was all a dream. Again. But all dreams come from somewhere, and we see from his smile that House has an idea. Also, his catheter came out during the night and he peed all over his bed.

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