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Sometime later, House and the Cottages walk down the hall and discuss the blood-test results. Everything came back fine except the potassium, which was low. While Foreman explains this away as "over-hydrating," Chase is open to the possibility that it could have been caused by any of the random experimental vaccinations Sgt. John was shot up with before going to Iraq, or all the radioactive material the country is now covered with. And yet, none of that radioactive material came from a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Amazing! "You go to medical school in France?" laughs Foreman, who probably still eats freedom fries. Shut up, Foreman. I'm usually skeptical of unexplained "syndromes" with symptoms that can't be proven, but I am totally with Chase on this one. House just wants to know if Sgt. John has ever done any modeling, a question no one actually asked Sgt. John and that is promptly ignored by Chase, who wants to send Sgt. John's urine to some university with a better uranium screening process than PPTH's, which didn't find any. When they arrive at the door to the meeting room, House keeps right on walking, dismissing the group with orders to get Sgt. John's credit report and Google him. And do a sleep test for apnea, which could explain the fatigue and joint pain. With that, House shuffles off, and then stops and winces in pain. Cameron finally has something to be interested in, and steps forward to ask House if he's okay. House says he just had "too much coffee this morning." "Were we...walking you to the bathroom?" Cameron asks, like, even if you were, why ask? Why do you care, Cameron? Leave it alone! "I wish," says House. "Wilson was just in there. These guys know what I'm talking about." He points to Foreman and Chase, who don't seem to have any idea what House is talking about at all. I don't either, but I'm going to guess that he's saying he doesn't want to use the bathroom because Wilson was just in there and everyone who uses the guy's bathroom knows that Wilson stinks the place up?

Cameron and Chase are assigned to monitor Sgt. John's sleep test, even though the procedure doesn't even need one doctor to supervise it, let alone two. Cameron's ready to give up and leave, but Chase protests, saying it's not fair that he should have to stay there all night and Cameron doesn't. He gets all passive-aggressive about it until Cameron decides to stay. But she's super-bored and suggests that they have sex in one of the empty beds. Chase points out that those rooms have video cameras in them that apparently can't be turned off. Plus, he's afraid of House or Foreman walking in on them. Cameron shrugs and puts her legs up on the desk, revealing a few inches of sexy, sexy ankle. Chase can't resist that, and the next thing you know, they're making out in one of the bedrooms. Cameron throws her shirt over the camera to block its view. Classy.

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