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One of These Days, House. Bang!

House and Charlyne (not her character's name, I'm guessing) stride through the hallway! House calls her "sloppy seconds" and then moves on to "cowardly reject" based on his analysis of why she was waiting in the hospital in the middle of the night. Eventually we learn the details of why she was available to work with House: she was working in Neurology, but she can't go back she punched her attending. Really? But she's so tiny!

They arrive at the ICU. Wilson's here. So are the lungs and another doctor I don't immediately recognize. The unknown doctor provides some medical gibberish until he's interrupted by House shouting, "Prison!" He then says he wasn't "raped raped raped" and demands cake. There is no cake. There is also no alveolar ... something. So it's time to make wild guesses about what's wrong. Could it be something related to ticks? Nope. How about cocaine? They tested the donor's blood, but it might never have gotten past the lungs. They're all set to test for that, but House says that the treatment would burn a hole in the lungs if he's wrong. It's nice to see that he has some dim idea that he might not be right every dingle time he throws out a guess. So it's time to "find the dead kid's stash." Field trip!

Enough of all that. House wants to bother Wilson! He's deduced that the recipient of the lungs is Wilson's patient, which he takes to mean that Wilson cooked this whole plan up because he couldn't stand to be away from House. Wilson says that springing House was Foreman's idea. "I wasn't convinced until Simpson failed three times." House is smug that Wilson wanted him back, no matter how many of Simpson's failures it took. Wilson denies everything. His wrist, incidentally, is healed. Remember? At the end of last season, when he was getting it looked at even though he wasn't involved in the car crash at all? It's fine now. I don't care either, but I assume they mentioned it because someone spent the offseason worried about Wilson's wrist. House starts to speculate about Wilson's motives, and Wilson tells him, "Analyze it however you like. We're not friends anymore."

Wilson goes into a patient's room. She's got angina and is getting some nitro. She's had a mastectomy and still misses her spectacular boobs. She's got emphysema. So with all that, we can fairly conclude that she's the one waiting for the lungs. Also she's an alcoholic, which her sister does not find amusing. They ask about House. Wilson is willing to go this far: "He is an excellent doctor."

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