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One of These Days, House. Bang!

House is in the MRI tube. Wilson comes into the room and pushes the button to roll him out. House tells him, "The case is under control. It's me time." He rolls back in. Wilson rolls him out. "Vanessa's gonna do the lung slurry. You were right to push me. I needed that. Thank you." "So we're good?" Not entirely, it would appear. House tells him, "I like you. I have fun with you." He dares Wilson to say he doesn't like him. Would Wilson like to punch him in the face or kick him in the crotch? Surely that would fix things! Or perhaps not: "The thing is House...I don't like you." House looks sad and alone.

ICU. The lungs look browner to me. House looks in and asks, "When did the discoloration start?" I was right! That doctor I don't know from earlier says, "You screwed up the lungs." House lists all the things he was wrong about. He needs ideas. Park promptly tosses something out. The other doctor tries out "lupus," which draws some disdain from House. House says they're not out of time until the lungs or Vanessa dies. He goes off to think.

A window is broken. It would appear that House broke into his old office to play with his ball and tap his cane. Slow zoom-in on him thinking. Someone is outraged and House is given the bum's rush. He goes somewhere else and bounces the ball. It gets stuck under a bench. He needs the right feng shui for bouncing. A lot of big flat surfaces, for example. He sees Wilson having a woman blow candles out on a birthday cake. The smoke is in slow motion. House gets a Look on his face.

He bursts into the ICU. "The lungs. A smoker!" But the donor didn't smoke! Well, says House, he played poker, so there must have been cigar smoke involved. The windows were closed, it being a rainy night, so he must at least have been breathing smoke. "As soon as he breathed in all that cigar smoke, he was a dead man." Well, okay. "I was right. Not about anything medical, but my metaphors were perfect." He wants to declare war on the lungs. Specifically, he wants to use radiation, which will destroy the good lung, too. Park wants to be careful, but that will take too long. "Wilson needs these lungs." I suppose I should point out that House doesn't care that there's a dying woman that needs the lungs. It's all about doing something for Wilson.

Foreman enters to watch Park irradiate the lungs. Park says, "It's working. He did it." She looks like she's just gotten religion. "I'm not going to Chicago," she tells him. She knows that means a hearing about the punching. Foreman leaves and she picks up her phone to make a call. "Dad? Do you have a minute?"

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