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One of These Days, House. Bang!

Operation! The lungs are stuffed into Vanessa's torso. Then we see her talking to Bobby, which seems like something that wouldn't happen for like a week. If not more. Vanessa's sister thanks Wilson for calling Bobby. Wilson thinks Vanessa will be strong. Judging from their body language, Bobby does seem to like her.

House has an unlit cigar. It's very thick. He starts to light it, but Foreman stops him. "House! Got something for you." It's his old office. And Foreman found House's stuff in storage. "This is all you get. Ortho still has the outer office." "Well, that sucks. Where are Chase, Taub and Thirteen gonna sit?" "You're welcome, House." I am pleased to report that I haven't followed any news reports, so I don't know if they're coming back or not. I hope not! Not that I hate them or anything; I just want new stuff.

Exit Foreman, enter Wilson. Pow! Wilson punches House in the jaw! Down goes House! Wilson asks, "Dinner later? I'll pick something up." House says, "I heard about a good new vegetarian place." "Screw that. I want a steak. I'll see you at your place at eight." I don't think House is allowed to go to this place, is he? Ankle bracelet? Anyone? Aw, forget it.

House puts his feet up on his desk. In his office.

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