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In the general population area, House listens to the patient's chest while tapping it. That's some good old-fashioned doctoring! "You were right about Nicole," says the patient, who I don't think I should keep calling "Lupus Boy." "About me not caring? Thought so." House's friend walks by on his way to the yard and House asks him to bring back a cricket. "I'll try. But they spray so much pesticide, I'm surprised we're alive." House looks pensive. "Good point." Porter walks by and tells House that the Vicodin supply is dried up, because the New Confederates are getting all they can get their hands on. Because they're all getting new tattoos. That's what he said!

Adams listens to LB's chest. House tells her, "Now try an inch to the left." There's an acoustical shadow. "So I've for sure got lung cancer?" asks LCB (Lung Cancer Boy, for now). House says yes, Adams says no. House insists on blood thinners. Adams wants to try a clotting test, and House is surprised into admitting that it's a good idea. She cuts LCB's earlobe and says they'll check on it in a minute or so.

House follows Adams into her office. She asks if he's really leaving medicine and what he's going to do. No answer. She goads him into talking about physics and dark matter. Gregory House, Theoretical Physicist? I'm not sure about this plan. I'd rather watch the Insect Doctor show. She tells him he's got a gift for reading people and understanding them. "You gotta go back to medicine." Outside the window, LCB is covered in blood and has a question: "Hey! Is this supposed to happen?" Adams says, under her breath, "Cool!" I liked that scene, because the patient was surprisingly calm about the situation, considering that blood was gushing out of his ear and all over his shoulder. I like to imagine him sitting there, watching the blood pouring out and deciding that he should probably bother the doctors.


House's cell. He tells his cellmate that the cricket might have pesticide poisoning, so he's using bicarbonate of soda to treat him. "This is where you say thank you. Or I say thank you for not killing me. ...thank you." This whole time, the cellmate has just been glowering at him from his upper bunk. The roommate spends more time in bed than House!"

House checks his pill collection. He has four pills.

He's let into the clinic office. There were no tumors on the X-Ray. I forget how they got an X-Ray ahead of time. Adams offers him Ibuprofen, which he declines. She offers to let him look at the medical file. He rejects the hypothesis of toxins on the grounds that this is the only one with symptoms. Just then! Sykes (the supervisor) comes in and confiscates the file. She's really not supposed to let prisoners look through medical files. Although I bet he could get the patient's permission.

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