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Clinic. There's a disturbance in the next room, which brings all the guards over there. House asks Adams, "Where's the aspirin?" Adams realizes he got beat up to get in the clinic. House blocks the door so Sykes can shout at him but not stop him. Adams tells him that he had no lawyer and took the first deal that came along "You think saving this one guy will wipe your slate clean?" House has crushed five aspirin and mixed them with water. When Nick drinks it, he should get an attack almost immediately. Guards bust in at the last second. As House is dragged away, he hands the cup to Nick. Nick doesn't have time to drink it. Adams then gives the cup to Nick. Sykes is angry: "You're fired. You're beyond fired. You're completely unhirable anywhere. You understand that?" "Yes. Now shut up and let's see if he has an attack."

Tense pause! Even the guards, who have no reason to know what's going on, are watching intently. House says, "Just a little more time."

Nothing. Sykes: "Get him out of here."


House is in solitary. Still in bed, though. A food tray is slid in. It has a note. It reads, "You were right!" That's all House ever wants to be told. He smiles happily.

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