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Ugly Girls Need Not Apply

PS snaps, saying that House is just trying to find a reason to prevent Kenny from having his surgery, because House wants everyone to be as disfigured and ugly as House is inside. This is followed by a brief awkward silence, broken only when CTB suggests rheumatic fever, because we're in Little House on the Prairie now. PS suggests they remove the pacing wire and see if Kenny's heart stops beating. If it does, he's still sick. If it keeps beating, he's better and can have the surgery.

Kenny's father is worried that Kenny's heart isn't ready to lose the pacing wire. House says PS is sure it is, while House is standing by with Kumar and some defibrillator paddles, because he thinks they'll be necessary when Kenny's heart stop. Kumar holds the paddles up and winks at the camera, his awkwardness gone in the face of the possible opportunity of a new life experience via electrocuting himself and setting everything on fire again. I would take this as a very bad sign, but Kenny wants his surgery, so he agrees to the test. The camera watches as PS removes the guiding wire and...Kenny's fine. His heart can beat without a wire. Kumar puts the paddles down, disappointed. "Thank God!" Kenny's dad says. House is all pissed off that he was wrong, so he throws off a "What do you mean, 'Thank God'? God's the guy who gave it to him," on his way out.

More slow motion and music as Kenny is wheeled out of PPTH on his way to have his surgery. Meanwhile, House is still not convinced that Kenny is better, but he can't think of anything else.

And we're back in the OR. Chase is there, and so is 13. She tells the camera that she's only there because she thinks Kenny is still sick and something is bound to go wrong during his operation. And if it does, apparently, she is the person who can best deal with it, as I guess the other ten surgeons would run around screaming in panic. Chase explains the surgery to the camera, pointing out some pictures of Kenny to illustrate his point. 13 interrupts him to ask when the pictures of Kenny's face were taken. Chase says three weeks ago. 13 says that the discoloration on Kenny's cheeks and forehead isn't in those photos. They are present now.

Wilson reports to House's office to tell him that he has a problem. Duh. Wilson has been so good this episode, but now he's psychoanalyzing, saying that House hires hot women to work for him because he doesn't know how to have an actual relationship. Wilson thinks that House should just keep the hot girls who are smart and fire the hot girls who are dumb. Then he should ask them out. This is not a good plan unless you want to get sued for sexual harassment. Honestly, Wilson. Anyway, 13 runs into House's office to tell him that she was right -- Kenny has Lyme disease. House thinks 13 is yet another stupid hot woman, but she persists. The rash is there, she says. It's just hiding.

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