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Ugly Girls Need Not Apply

And the reason why it's hiding is because Chase and his crack surgical team were about to perform surgery on someone's forehead without shaving the area first. When they do, they see that Kenny's hair was concealing the rash. House is happy, because this means that he managed to hire at least one hot girl who is smart, so now he doesn't have to question his hiring practices. He probably still should, though. It's not really fair that there are a bunch of ugly women out there being denied the chance to learn diagnostic medicine. That's more the casting department's fault than House's, though.

House ends his time with the camera crew by saying that deformed people are repulsive, even though the question they asked him was how he felt about Cuddy's interference in his case. Charming.

It's time for the firing squad. House tells PS to stand. He does, and House prolongs his agony by saying that he found out even more about PS. Not only was he forced to resign, he was also forced to sign a non-compete contract, meaning he'll never be able to practice plastic surgery again. Which leaves this job as his only employment option. House asks PS what could possibly have been important enough to sign his career away. PS says they promised not to tell his wife that he cheated on her. Wow, PS's co-workers are total assholes to blackmail him like that. "I love my wife," PS says. Not enough to keep it in his pants, though. House asks PS why he risked his job at PPTH to undermine House, knowing that he had nothing to fall back on. "I thought you were wrong," PS says. House tells him to sit down. He won't be fired today.

So who does get the boot? House asks Terzzzi to stand. She does with a confident smile, sure that she won't be getting the boot. House checks her out and says, "Nice." Terzzzi enjoys the attention. Until now, as House says that he's been treating Terzzzi unfairly, and the only way for him to rectify that is to fire her. Terzzzi's smile goes from smug to non-existent in less than two seconds. I cheer...until Terzzzi's face goes from surprised to absolutely devastated. I mean, I hate her, but damn. That's harsh. And she's all crying and stuff, too. Aw. House tries to soften the blow by asking Terzzzi out to dinner and a movie now that he's ruined her life. Terzzzi gathers up her stuff and leaves without a word. I think that's a no. On the plus side, Terzzzi is sure to win big bucks from PPTH when they have to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit. She can get Stacy Frozenface to be her lawyer, but only if the entire trial occurs off-camera.

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