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Ugly Girls Need Not Apply

House and Cuddy watch the documentary, in which House's words have been taken out of context to make it look like he loves children and Patch Adams, and was Kenny's "rock" during his medical crisis. The producer, now serving as on-camera talent and hosting the show, says that House is one of those rare doctors who wears his heart on his sleeve. Cuddy is enjoying the hell out of this. House is horrified at this gross misrepresentation. He takes his hands off of his eyes for long enough to turn the TV off. Cuddy wipes away a fake tear and says she's moved by the tale of this caring doctor. "Suddenly, I don't feel I can trust Michael Moore movies," House muses. When could you ever? The guy's great at coming up with a point of view and showing you why it's right, but as a documentary maker charged with presenting his audience with true facts in an unbiased way so they can make their own decisions, he blows. House gets up to leave. Cuddy asks him if he's going to save kittens or read to deaf people, but he vaguely threatens to make sure that "this evil" is never shown. Between this and that sexual harassment lawsuit, House's lawyer will be busy this year!

Cuddy turns the TV back on and watches as a post-surgery Kenny, who doesn't look totally normal but looks a lot better, looks at the camera and sincerely thanks House. This time, Cuddy is genuinely touched.

What ails the staff at PPTH? We've got the diagnoses.

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