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Ugly Girls Need Not Apply

But anyway, House tells the Numbers to stop focusing on Kenny's deformity and diagnose him as if he were any other really ugly kid. Okay then, maybe his heart broke when he asked a girl out and she said no because he was ugly. Because that seems to be the heart problem affecting almost all the other ugly teens. Cole comes up with endocarditis from drug abuse, typical teenage behavior. House goes a step further, saying the dark discoloration under Kenny's nose could indicate frostbite from huffing Freon. PS shakes his head at this, saying those discolorations are a common occurrence in deformities like Kenny's. 13 agrees, pointing out similar discolorations on Kenny's cheeks and forehead. House refuses to admit he's wrong, so he orders them to do a nuclear study and look for scarring of the heart from drug abuse. The Numbers file out, leaving House and Terzzzi alone. With the MRI guy, who has got to be so confused right now. Not to mention that the presence of a crowd around his legs is doing nothing for his feelings of claustrophobia. Terzzzi says she doesn't want to be a part of House's game: "I gave up a career because I thought this was a firm offer." Uh...that's not House's fault. You took his sex joke to be a firm job offer. You're dumb. But House says it was and is a firm offer. I think he's still talking about his penis, though.

House immediately heads for Wilson's office to worry aloud that he gave a firm job offer to an "idiot." Ha ha ha ha! The Terzzzi plot is about to go a way I did not expect, and that's a very good thing. Hooray! House says Terzzzi seemed smart at Langley, even though she didn't come up with any suggestions of her own and the one suggestion she did come up with at the differential was stupid. House tries to convince himself that Terzzzi's capable by saying that she works for the CIA, and they don't employ idiots. "The Bay of Pigs was a daring triumph," Wilson snarks. Wow, between this episode and last week, it appears that Wilson harbors some strong anti-government feelings. I'd be too, if a police detective tried to ruin my life just because I was friends with a guy who stuck thermometers up people's asses and left them there. Wilson tells House to fire Terzzzi. House says he can't; she left a career to work under him. Wilson says Terzzzi must be really, really hot for House to actually appear guilty.

PS gets the fun job of telling Kenny's father that they suspect his son is huffing Freon. How does one even huff Freon, anyway? Do you stick your nose under the air conditioner? Behind the fridge? Wouldn't it be easier to just sniff markers? Not to mention it's a better high. Uh, so I've heard. Kenny's dad is kinda miffed and refuses to believe that Kenny is abusing the fridge. PS says it's natural for a parent to believe his kid isn't doing drugs. It doesn't mean he isn't.

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