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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Penelope wakes up to find her hands still attached to her arms. But, like House, she is also alone. She asks where Jeremy went. "He left," Taub explains. Well, what did you expect? It's not like Jeremy is a sucker who stays with a cheating significant other like, oh say, Taub's wife. By the way, this is going to make things very awkward at the ballet.

Cameron wakes up to find Chase in her living room. Clearly, he wants to talk. How about no? How about we wipe this storyline out of the episode entirely so that we don't have to all pretend that you can detox from a drug addiction so hardcore that it's making you hallucinate in just one night? Grr. Chase says he can't be married to Cameron while her Poor Dead Husband's sperm is waiting in the wings of a freezer just in case things don't work out. It means that Cameron must have doubts about them. And he doesn't. And I wonder how close this conversation is to the one Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison had in real life when they broke off their engagement, especially because Jesse Spencer is selling the hurt so well in this scene. It makes me uncomfortable. Cameron tells Chase that she's sure that she loves him and wants to be with him forever right now, but she doesn't know that she'll always feel that way. "I'll wait until you do," Chase says. I guess the wedding's off? Cameron protests that no one can know for sure that a marriage will work out. "I do," Chase says. But how can he when he also knows the woman he wants to marry doesn't love him the same way? Gah! Nothing makes sense this week!

Cuddy and House get ready to go back to work. House is looking spiffy in his blazer and dress shirt, although he still won't shave so I guess he's not totally on the straight and narrow anymore. He sincerely thanks Cuddy and hopefully he offered to pay her substantial overnight baby-sitting bill off-camera. When Cuddy goes to open the door, House stands in front of her, staring. "You wanna kiss me, don't you?" Cuddy asks playfully. "I always want to kiss you," House says, not as playfully. The line is out of character for House, but Hugh Laurie sold it, didn't he? He sold everything this week. Emmy reel! Cuddy kisses him once on the lips and steps back. She's a bit surprised when House doesn't go running away like last time. Instead, he closes the door and makes out with her. I hope he brushed his teeth after all that barfing. Also, yay! Unless this goes terribly wrong and ruins the show!

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