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Personal Jesus

Foreman's got his Job Suit on. He marches into House's office and demands his job back. Hadley walks in and asks what Foreman's doing. House is having a great time, since he knows Foreman well enough to know that he's doing this behind Hadley's back at her expense. And the guilty look on Foreman's face seems to agree. Hadley is pissed because she already turned down the Mercy job offer. Of course she did. She's not going anywhere. Foreman says she can find something else. Hadley wants to know why Foreman came in without telling her and accuses him of having to be in control. He says she's being controlling, too. "Yeah! Who's the controlling bitch now?" House says as he sits back and watches the fun. Foreman says Hadley never intended to save him -- she just offered to do it because she knew he'd say no and then she wouldn't have to feel guilty. "You're an idiot," Hadley whispers. She leaves. House asks Foreman if he's going to chase after her or stay and get his job back. Foreman chooses the job. I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed.

Father Danny is only mildly annoyed that he's being treated for something he doesn't think he has. If I knew I didn't have AIDS, I'd refuse to let them give me drugs for it. Suddenly, his BP starts to climb. He rips his gown open to reveal lesions all over his chest.

House puts the lesions on the Whiteboard over Taub's objections that they're just a reaction to the AIDS medicine. Meanwhile, Foreman and Hadley are both in the meeting room wearing their frowny faces. House diagnoses Danny with hyper IgE syndrome, also known as Job's syndrome. None of the symptoms line up with it, but it's just too perfect for House to resist. Kumar turns that down and Hadley suggests cerebral microtumors. Foreman scoffs that they didn't see any tumors in the scans, and Hadley spits back that's why she called them "micro." They fight a lot and House watches, still eating this up. "This isn't going to work," Hadley says. House disagrees: "conflict breeds creativity." The writers of this show must be having a love-in, then. House orders Kumar to run some genetic tests.

Taub is quick to tell Danny that he still believes he has the AIDS. Then Taub shits his pants because Ryan just showed up. Oh, you are so fired, Taub. Now that Foreman has his job back, you are that much less necessary. Taub runs over to Ryan and panics that he shouldn't be here and it's not a good idea for him to speak to Danny. Danny's up for visitors, though, so Ryan walks up with an angry look on his face that quickly changes to remorse. "I'm sorry," he says; "for everything." Taub's jaw drops slightly. See, Taub? You were wrong. Stick to your own religion; these Catholics are too hard to figure out. Ryan kneels at Danny's bedside, and Danny tearfully puts his hand on Ryan's head (not the head that would get him in trouble, though) and says "I know." He's been waiting four years for this moment.

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