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House leaves for the day. Cuddy's obviously been waiting for him so she can coincidentally leave at the same time. They meet at the door for some awkward avoidance conversation. House makes fun of Cuddy's sister. They stall for more time to work up the nerve to invite or ask to be invited. And then Cuddy takes a breath and opens her mouth and House looks at her expectantly and... nothing. They walk off in opposite directions. Boooo!

The ceremony happens. Almost everyone is there, the men in yarmulkes and Cuddy's sister possibly lurking somewhere in the background. Evil Nurse Brenda does not appear to be invited. Of course. Hadley wasn't invited either. She returns home to find Foreman sitting on the couch. Hadley takes a bow and they make out with no chemistry. They think they're so cool to have pulled one over on House, but I'm sure he'll figure it out if he hasn't already. As long as they keep up the fake fighting and give him diagnoses and some entertainment, he doesn't care.

As for House, he's home alone playing the piano and drinking. Obviously he's thinking of Cuddy because he starts playing some Jewishy music. Back at the ceremony, Cuddy hands Rachel to Cameron and answers the door. An old couple is there, and Cuddy is clearly just a little bit disappointed not to see House instead. Back at the party, she takes the baby back and exchanges a look with Wilson. Sorry your ceremony isn't perfectly perfect, Cuddy, but you had your chance and you blew it. Back at House's house, do you really think he's going to stop playing the piano and go to the party? No. We wasted our once-in-a-blue-moon happy ending on Danny. House stays put.

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