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House walks to the elevator. Wilson proposes foosball, but House has a marriage to destroy. Wilson gives up, and House is suspicious. Wilson admits that he thinks House's relationship with Emily is sort of healthy. House says that's passive-aggressive reverse psychology.

House preps Dominika for tricking Emily's fiancé into sex. She's wired up so he can listen in. Her plan is to walk up to him and say, "Do you want to go have sex?" He does! House pounces, but it turns out that Emily's his sister.

Adams talks to Henry. Amy is modeled after some photos he sent them. They're of a yoga instructor who loved Chopin and hated Indian food. She changed his life for seventeen weeks. Adams talks about the time her husband cheated on her. Henry says she wasn't unfaithful; she just wasn't in love with him. Adams says she knows Amy won't break his heart, but she also won't change his life. And then Henry says the lights are too bright and he vomits. His neck is also stiff, so she thinks he has meningitis.

House's place. Emily explains that she's not actually leaving the business. She's just leaving him. "So let me get this straight. I'm being dumped. By a hooker." She thinks it's weird that he's married, but takes her into the bedroom while the wife is there. Weird and mean. She says that House and Dominika like each other. How dare she!

Henry has a fever and is not responding to medication. He could die at any second. Everyone throws around ideas. Chase says that his ex-girlfriend was a yoga instructor, which can lead to weird, alternative medicines. And there was a weird teapot in his house. Oh! Is it a Neti Pot? I know this one! Yes! He was using salted tap water! That's super-bad for you, apparently. Distilled water is safe, but if you Neti Pot with tap water, you can get the brain worms. I'm so pleased that I've heard of this! And that I recognized it two seconds before they said it on the show! House: "Start him on metronidazole. If he's lucky, he'll get to see his plastic children walk down the aisle."

Henry's feeling better. He'll have some hospital bills, so he wonders if he could sell Amy online. He asks Adams for her email address. She lets him down gently. She thinks he should ask Molly out. He seems sad. He reluctantly promises to keep trying.

Adams and Park in the locker room. Taub has no date that night. And a lot of issues about all his ruined marriages. He tells Park to call that band guy a call. Park claims not to be as cute as Adams, which I don't entirely agree with. In fact, I object to this whole idea that Park is the "uncute one" and Adams must constantly outshine her. Charlyne Yi is a total hottie, even if all she gets to do on this show is mutter awkwardly and have bangs.

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