We Need the Eggs

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As Chase leaves, Adams asks if he wants to get a drink. Chase thinks that's not a good idea for him right now. Adams admits that House has a way of getting in people's heads.

Park calls home to tell her mother that she's at work and will be home in a couple of hours. That guy is there with his guitar. The two of them play "I Got You Babe." As we hear it, we see House open a letter for Dominika from Immigration. Her citizenship is approved. Henry watches television with Amy and looks at the bear he won for Molly. Dominika has fixed House's blender and offers him a pistachio milkshake. They look into each other's eyes. House awkwardly says he's going to bed. He looks at the letter and then throws it away. But he throws it away in a trash can that's right next to the table where they keep the mail, and he doesn't even crumple it up. In real life, there are at least even odds that Dominika notices it in the trash can. In her position, wouldn't you be more likely to notice things with the INS Logo?

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