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House and Foreman return to Jack's room. House says that they found another bone marrow donor, so Jack can get his transplant without touching a hair on Will's head. House had better hope he's right about this; otherwise, that is a very mean trick to play. Jack won't sign for the transplant, saying that it could kill him and that would leave his brother and sister alone. As opposed to having no immune system, which is totally not a risk at all. House guesses Jack would just rather be hospitalized and "waited on hand and foot" instead of stuck raising two kids. Yeah, because having pus in your brain is so much fun. Jack tries to deny this, but House is right. When Foreman says that Will and Kama need Jack healthy, he explodes, saying he is very aware of that. He's aware of it all the time. He's also too young to be a father to Kama and Will. "Good for you," says House, and leaves the room. Foreman loses his faith in humanity and follows House out. Jack cries. This stuff never happened on Party Of Five.

House tries to make nice with Wilson by inviting him to throw stuff at people off the second-floor balcony. Wilson can't: he's too busy shutting down his practice and referring his patients to other doctors, though. "Oh, good!" says House brightly. He accuses Wilson of overreacting, at which point Wilson finally acts like a human being and starts screaming at House. He says he can't ask his patients to wait because Cameron's boss won't let her come out and play. And since there are no other doctors in all of PPTH, that's what Wilson had to do today. House scoffs that he only kept Wilson waiting for an hour. "THREE HOURS!" Wilson yells, although my closed captioning says "three hos." Hee hee hee. It does manage to spell every medical term correctly though, which is greatly appreciated. "Oh, poor you," says House. "YOU COMMITTED A CRIME!" Wilson screams. He'd better hope Shitter isn't skulking around nearby listening in. House asks if Wilson wants him to turn himself in. "YES! YES! DO SOMETHING!" Wilson begs. He tells House to suck it up and do whatever Shitter wants to get Shitter off Wilson's back -- even if that means getting help for House's Vicodin addiction. "I don't need help," House brats. Wilson kicks House out of his office before it escalates into physical violence. "You're not gonna make me feel guilty about what [Shitter] is doing to us," says House. Wilson laughs bitterly that House already does -- that's why his shoulder hurts. But it's still not enough to make House do the right thing. Wilson says it's obvious that House doesn't care enough about Wilson to help him. That's been obvious for a long time now, Wilson. House leaves, and Wilson tries not to cry. Ha ha ha! I like watching Wilson suffer. This was a fun episode for me.

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