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Foreman stops by Jack's room, where Jack is telling the kids about their new awesome home in foster care. He says that he'll still see them, but now they'll have a new mom who can actually cook and stuff. Will is sad. Jack is sad. Kama tries to be cool about it, but won't let Jack hug her. Will and Kama leave the room. Outside, Kama tells Foreman she thought he was going to make Jack better. Foreman apologizes for not being perfect.

Foreman returns to Jack's room, where Jack thanks Foreman for not telling Will and Kama the truth. "You're a good kid," says Foreman. He says he believes that in a few months, Jack will realize that he made a mistake, take Will's bone marrow, and take Will and Kama back. And it will suck ass, but it will be worth it. At least, that's what Foreman wants to believe, because he's a people person, unlike House. I don't know why Jack can't get the bone marrow transplant and also decide he can't take care of those kids. It wouldn't make him a bad person. Really, his parents are the bad people for driving drunk and putting themselves in a position to orphan their kids and for not sitting down and making a will that assigned their kids to a guardian who actually could take care of them. I don't think Foreman's being very fair to say that Jack is somehow wrong for realizing that he can't be the parent Will and Kama need him to be.

Wilson has to wait for the bus. A motorcycle pulls up. House and Wilson exchange glances, and House drives off without even offering Wilson a ride home. Ha ha ha!

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