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Test results show that Jack is clear of Hep A, but now he has a blood coagulation disorder. Chase and Cameron blame the restaurant and the various diseases one could pick up there. Foreman blames sex -- because that's always the root of someone's fatal illness -- saying that a very dirty partner probably gave Jack an STD along with the Hep A. Wilson puts on his beleaguered face and asks to borrow a Cottage for prescription-writing purposes. House volunteers Cameron, saying that her ideas are dumb. Cameron shoots him a hilarious exasperated/pissed off expression and leaves. Chase is ordered to the restaurant to collect samples of Jack's puke, and Foreman is ordered to do an LP. Chase asks why he can't just test Jack directly, and House shows him into his office for the answer; he explains as they go that they shouldn't discuss it in front of "the help," shooting a pointed look at Foreman, who doesn't really look like he cares anyway. In the privacy of his office, House tells Chase that Jack probably barfed all the toxins out of his system, so a sample of his puke is a much better source. Especially when it's a couple of days old and has been contaminated with all kinds of other things. More importantly, House needs Chase to write House a prescription for Vicodin, since he's just about out of his last bottle. Shockingly, Chase refuses to do it, saying that he'd rather lose his job with House than lose his license. Wow, Chase actually said no to someone. I can't believe it! The Cottages are switching personalities all over the place today!

Wilson gives Cameron a rundown of the medications she'll need to prescribe for him. Cameron wants to meet the patients before she writes anything, at which Wilson takes umbrage, thinking Cameron must not trust his diagnosis. I wouldn't either. Smart Cameron. Cameron points out that they're all on Shitter's radar, and that any prescriptions they write will be questioned by Shitter, so she should see Wilson's patients to make sure she has the answers to any questions he may eventually ask. It's a good point, and it gets her out of puke-searching duty with Chase. Another good point no one has brought up yet is that there have to be other cancer doctors in that hospital who are perfectly capable of writing Wilson's prescriptions. Although it would explain how such a crappy oncologist got to be the head of the department: there were no other oncologists.

Chase chats with the rat/squirrel mascot, who also could possibly be a cat. Honestly, I've seen better mascot costumes at a junior high soccer game. The mascot tells Chase that the week's garbage has been separated into different bins for different days, thereby giving Ralphy's Rumpus, for all its other faults, the most organized trash disposal system I've ever seen. Most places just toss bags into a bin until it's full and move on to the next one, but not Ralphy's! Jack's barfing day's trash is covered with flies. Chase asks for a volunteer to help him sort, but none is forthcoming.

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