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Uh oh. Cameron has to sit in on Wilson's patient exams and listen to their sob stories. This isn't going to work out well for anyone concerned. Cancer Beth complains that her new medication is making her feel nauseated and weak, and that she wants to go back to her old medicine, but Wilson claims that she's "doing so much better" on the new medicine even though she's telling him she doesn't feel much better at all and doesn't even have the energy to spend time with her daughter. You'll be spending a lot less time with your daughter if you die of cancer, Beth. Cancer Beth and her Cancer Makeup suddenly resent Cameron's presence in the room. Cancer Beth freaks out, thinking that the reason Wilson needs another doctor in the room is because he got her meds wrong. So now Shitter's actions are causing undue stress to young mothers with cancer. Even if House were the evil drug dealer Shitter wants to convict him of being, would this really be worth it?

Foreman does an LP on Jack while Kama watches. Will is at school, but Kama claims that there was a teacher's-in-service at her school today. (Teacher's-in-service days rule almost as much as snow days, by the way.) Kama offers to help, and Foreman has her push Jack's knees towards his chest while he does the LP. "That's all nurses do?" Kama manages to get out before she is tackled by Evil Nurse Brenda and run through with a sharpened IV pole. Don't disparage her work, Kama. Foreman says that House doesn't trust nurses to do much else, like Foreman's such a trustworthy guy himself. Kama asks Foreman if Jack is going to die. Foreman says that no one's going to die. "No one in the world ever? That's so great," says Kama. Dead parents have made her snarky beyond her years. Kama says she knows that bad things can happen, seeing as her parents totally died in a drunk-driving accident. She'd just like to have some warning before they do. Foreman assures Kama that they are nowhere near her brother's dying. Oh, except for just now when Foreman tries to roll Jack over and in doing so breaks his rib.

Foreman tells House about this while House is in a physical-therapy session, trying to fix the pain in his right shoulder. The physical therapist says that House has been using his cane on the wrong side, and all viewers everywhere who have been complaining about this since the show started airing are temporarily placated. House thinks that Jack's infection has spread to his bones, causing the easy breakage. House also thinks Foreman should prescribe some Vicodin for House. The fact that House asks Foreman to "score" him the drug shows that he has learned absolutely nothing. Foreman will not do this. In between howls of pain from the physical therapist's massage, House manages to tell Foreman to test Jack for osteomyelitis. The physical therapist orders House to rest his shoulder, and to use some "different equipment," taking his cane away.

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