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Doctors Without Boundaries

Back at the CIA, Curtis wants House arrested and thrown in jail for prolonging John's agonizing radiation sickness by stopping the treatment. House responds to this by giving John even more pain as he pulls his hair. But this is actually helpful, as John's hair stays in John's scalp, proving that it's not radiation poisoning. If it was, House says, John's hair would be coming out in clumps. Since it isn't, House knows John has blood cancer. Curtis still thinks it's radiation poisoning. Terzzzi, who apparently got her medical degree out of a cereal box, asks if they can treat John for both conditions at the same time. No, says House. Terzzzi also apparently got her decision-making skills out of that same cereal box, as she decides to go with House, the guy who stole the patient's lunch and switched his meds without telling anyone for a diagnosis that ended up being wrong. House waves his victory in Curtis' face by saying either Terzzzi really likes him or she really hates Curtis. "And I got a ride in the jet!" he crows. Curtis just looks like he's wondering if Terzzzi really does hate him, and why she would. Poor Curtis.

Cameron goes to check on one of her ER patients, making her the only doctor in any ER to ever do so. Instead of her patient, though, she finds Foreman, who says he decided to send Cameron's patient home. Cameron says her patient had the worst headache of her life and needed to be checked for an aneurysm. Foreman shrugs that he's a neurologist and he decided she had a migraine. Now he sees that when he messes with other people's patients, he looks like an "officious bitch." OH!!!! Nice one, Foreman. Too bad your actual patient is kind of dying still. Foreman leaves, and we see that he did not send Cameron's patient home after all. He just sent her off to get a urine sample and prove his point.

Cameron goes running over to Chase to tell on Foreman. Chase's response isn't exactly sympathetic to her cause. "It's funny," he says, trying to scrub up for an upcoming surgery. How come every time we see Chase he's in the middle of or about to enter surgery, but every time we see Cameron she's just standing around the ER doing nothing? Interesting. Cameron thinks what Foreman did was immature, and that she doesn't deserve "shame" and "ridicule" for offering a consult. Chase quite rightly points out that Cameron's consult undermined Foreman's authority. "It's what House would've done!" Cameron says. Chase rolls his eyes and says that Cameron cares way too much about House's team for someone who isn't on it anymore. Seriously, she's like the person who graduates high school but keeps coming back to visit. Gotta grow up sometime, Cams. Cameron responds to this by sprinkling water on Chase's freshly scrubbed hands, thereby contaminating them and forcing him to re-wash. Bye, Chase! See you for two seconds next week!

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