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Doctors Without Boundaries

Calcium deficiency as a result of massive doses of Vitamin C is making Casey shiver. On the plus side, she can feel her legs again. Random Guy just cured polio, but he calmly says, "This is fantastic" with a small smile.

House wraps up his time with Terzzzi by saying she should work under him and he could teach her a lot, sexually. "I can kill a man with my thumb" she says. Too bad she couldn't cure one with her entire body. Flirty smiles are exchanged, and Curtis echoes my annoyance by asking Terzzzi how a smart and capable woman like her can lower herself to flirting with a drug-addicted crude asshole. I mean, I like House and all, but he's no dreamboat. He's best in small doses. Like Brazil nuts, apparently. House says he gets the girl because he was right. "That doesn't mean everything," Curtis says. I think John would disagree. "It means a lot," Terzzzi says. She thanks them for the help (i.e. doing her job for her) and she shoots House a lingering glance as Curtis gets in the elevator to go back to the Mayo Clinic where everyone plays by the rules and no one hates him. Good luck, Curtis! House is too transfixed by Terzzzi to get in the elevator with him, so he's forced to jump into it as the door is closing and make a racket out of forcing it back open for him. I'm sure his ride with Curtis wasn't at all awkward.

Cameron finds Foreman brooding in the doctor's lounge. Somehow, she hasn't heard about the miraculous cure for polio that was discovered right within PPTH's walls. It's like no one cares anymore, you know? Cameron did, however, discover some humility and self-realization, which is nice. She says that while she's happy she "changed jobs," she also knows she'll never have the same "excitement" she had as a Cottage. Excitement that included, as she admits, being stabbed with a contaminated needle by her own dying co-worker. Wow, that's almost as much fun as the time I went to eat my frozen meal for lunch at my job, only to find that someone else had stolen it, leaving me lunch-less. Fond memories indeed. "I miss people doing whatever it takes to get the job done," Cameron says. about, instead of missing your old job that did that, why don't you do that in your new job in the ER, WHICH SHOULD ALREADY BE DOING THAT BY THE WAY. What the hell kind of hospital is Cuddy running here? An ER filled with people who half-ass their patient's treatment? A diagnostic department whose definition of full-assing it includes subjecting patients to numerous painful, expensive, and unnecessary tests? Wilson? Come on! At least Cameron can admit that she's having trouble giving House up, and that's why she messed with his case. Foreman says if the Numbers hadn't screwed with him, Casey would have died. Cameron pep-talks Foreman that while he'll never get everything right, he won't get everything wrong, either. Tell that to Lupe of the Bra Infection!

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