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Doctors Without Boundaries

Once she recovers, Foreman and Random Guy are there to explain Miller Fisher Syndrome. Foreman says it could, in rare cases, cause respiratory failure. Casey's dad is also there, and he is played by Biff from Back to the Future (god, it's been FOREVER and a day since we've see you last, hasn't it?)! He freaks, while Casey is slightly annoyed to hear that she is not suffering from heat stroke after all, even though Foreman said he was "sure" that's all it was. Yeah, well, you also made him say he was sure, Casey. Another symptom of Miller Fisher Syndrome is extreme bitchiness, apparently, as Casey asks Foreman why she should trust his medical abilities now. Man, if she's this pissed after just one mistake, her head is likely to explode from rage by the end of this episode when Foreman's on his fourth or fifth mistake. Casey wants to see House. He's why she came to this godforsaken death trap in the first place! "You obviously don't have a clue what you're doing," Casey says, refusing to allow Foreman to do the plasmapherisis treatment for Miller Fisher Syndrome. Instead, she very productively starts ripping off all the wires and medical doodads she's tied to and demands to see House.

He's busy in the CIA, bemoaning their plain offices and saying they looked better on 24. Too bad he won't be able to watch 24 during this TV season as long as the writers' strike keeps up! Although, surely, those studios have no idea how profitable this whole "new media" thing could be. They're investing their money into buying websites like this one for no reason and no expectation of profits, I'm sure. Anyway, when CIA guy leads House into an office containing one Michael Michele, House says he was mistaken. While she looked better on Homicide: Life on the Street and ER, she has yet to ruin 24 with her show-killing presence. She introduces herself as Dr. Samira Terzi, and she and her limp hair are pleased to meet House. He is pleased to stare at her boobs and pretend he's looking at the floor. She introduces House to some guy named Sidney Curtis, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic who will no doubt be butting heads with House for the rest of this episode of Dueling Diagnosticians. House greets his opponent by saying he's familiar with the guy's book about immunology as it's currently keeping his piano level. Round One goes to House! Then his phone rings, and everyone in the room has to keep themselves from dancing along to the ring tone. How they are all able to do this, I know not. When House sees "Cutthroat Bitch" is calling, he decides not to answer. I have to say, it's probably not a good thing for CTB that House has her number programmed into his cell. I unwisely gave my boss my cell phone number, and now he keeps calling me after hours with work questions. At least he hasn't called me to revive him after electrocuting himself by sticking a knife into an electrical socket. Yet.

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