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Doctors Without Boundaries

Back at the office, CTB hangs up and the room wonders what they're supposed to do without House's sage guidance. Foreman paces in front of a rather hostile crowd. Random Guy angrily accuses him of making them all look like idiots in front of their patient. Okay, except that they kind of are, since no one knows how to convince Casey to submit to treatment and everyone's relying on House to think of a way. 13 Camerons that if House was here, he'd "pop a pill," insult them, and trick the patient. Clearly, then, the answer is to have Wilson put on a fake beard and go into Casey's room pretending to be House. Kumar actually suggests that, but Foreman angrily says that House isn't here, and the last thing they need to do is act like him. Because, apparently, the last thing Casey needs is to get better. Foreman finishes his sentence by acting just like House, leaving the room without saying another word.

Foreman returns to Casey's room and tries to be the anti-House by taking a seat at her bedside and admitting that he made a mistake about her diagnosis and was too quick to dismiss her symptoms. Now that he's sufficiently humble, he asks if they can start the plasmapheresis. Casey doesn't really answer since she's gone all feverish and delirious. Way to notice your patient was in distress there, Foreman.

Back at the CIA, Dr. Terzzzi says she'll try to provide House and Curtis with as much medical history as she can, although there might be some stuff that's classified. House makes a comment about alien autopsies, and Dr. Terzzzi spits right back at him that the X-Files are in the next wing. Except that they were in the FBI, not the CIA. Other than that, I see Dr. Terzzzi can give as good as she gets! She's like House's equal! The chemistry explodes across the screen! Oh no wait, I'm sorry -- I was talking about Cuddy. Curtis wants to know where in the world their patient has been so they can focus on environmental causes. Terzzzi tells him to assume "John" has been everywhere and, by the way, she's quick to point out, John is just a cover name! Okay, Terzzzi, we get it: you're in the CIA. Curtis asks what makes them think this is an assassination attempt. Dr. Terzzzi can't answer that. House asks if Lee Harvey Oswald had sex with Marilyn Monroe. Dr. Terzzzi smiles in spite of herself and the fact that that joke wasn't all that funny.

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