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Doctors Without Boundaries

The three doctors enter the patient's room and we finally meet John. He is looking pretty bad these days. At least, I'm assuming that his peeling skin, sunken cheeks, and gray face are a result of his sickness. Curtis responds to this sight with a very professional "good LORD!" Dr. Terzzzi says John was perfectly healthy five days ago. "Cool," House says.

And back at PPTH, Foreman scribbles Casey's new symptoms on the Whiteboard and asks for new diagnoses, as Casey's fever rules Miller Fisher out. CTB immediately dials House on her cell phone, to which Foreman says she won't get hired by calling him the most. PS guesses lupus, and CTB says she agrees with the "little man." Meanwhile, CTB is like six foot five, so almost every man is little to her. PS accuses her of flirting with him, because who doesn't try to get a man's interest with a disparaging remark about his tiny size? Foreman doesn't think it's lupus anyway, as it hasn't affected Casey's kidneys. He goes with the MS diagnosis instead, even though Random Guy points out they didn't see any plaques on her MRI that indicate that. Foreman says the MRI was "inconclusive," which I'm sure Casey's health insurance company was just thrilled to bits about when they had to pay out for something that told the doctors absolutely nothing. Random Guy challenges Foreman rather aggressively, saying this is the third thing Foreman's been "sure" Casey has, and the other two have been proven wrong. Foreman ignores him and tells the Numbers to start Casey on interferon. Kumar says they won't "score any points" with House just by doing what Foreman tells them to. Because it's all about your job, Kumar. That's why you became a doctor, right? To score points to win a job working for an asshole who hates you. Not, say, to help and treat the sick. 13 asks if it would hurt Casey if they could run tests before he starts treating her for the MS. Well, if you're running any invasive tests, then, yes, it would. Even if it's as simple as a blood draw. And it'll certainly hurt her health insurance rates. And since Foreman agrees to give them three hours before he starts the interferon, then it's delaying Casey's treatment, which is also hurting her.

Back at the CIA, where everything is super-intense thanks to the frequent a steadicam shots of Dr. Terzzzi walking purposely down the hall with House and Curtis at her heels, Terzzzi says they've run a bunch of tox screens and tested for all kinds of other environmental stuff. Everything's been negative. Curtis notes that John ate a lot of chestnuts recently. House scoffs at this fact being at all important, but Curtis points out that poisonous horse chestnuts look like regular chestnuts. House says that they taste a lot different, so he doubts that John would accidentally eat enough of them to get sick. Dr. Terzzzi makes sure to stare at House lovingly. Very subtle.

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