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Doctors Without Boundaries

They show the test results to Cameron, who says "it could be lupus," but she's not going to help them "sell" anyone "down the river." Nice lingo, Cameron. Just because you've gone all blonde bombshell on us doesn't mean you get to talk like you're in a film noir. They insist that Foreman is treating Casey for something she doesn't have just because his ego won't let him admit he's wrong. CTB appeals to Cameron's self-hating nature by saying they're asking her to do what she does best and what everyone else hates her for -- put the patient above everything else. Cameron sighs and says that "all House cares about is results," i.e. do what you have to do to screw over Foreman. As long as you're right, House will approve.

Some time later, Foreman is pleased that Casey's fever has been reduced since starting the treatment. Only problem now is that he doesn't know which treatment worked, since CTB and PS admit to secretly slipping Casey steroids for lupus when no one was looking. Foreman is understandably pissed off to hear this, but is interrupted when Biff calls him back to Casey's room, where the patient reports that she can't feel or move her legs. CTB and PS make "oops!" faces. Personally, I think Casey's paralysis stems from that unnecessary lumbar puncture. Oops indeed.

And House is at John's bedside, greedily munching away on some chicken. Terzzzi and Curtis enter and are pleased to note that John's vitals have improved and the treatment appears to be working. House celebrates by asking Terzzzi, with a mouth full of chicken, if she wants to hop in a jet and "take a little trip down Mexico way -- and I'm not talking about the country OR the plane." I don't know what he's talking about, then, other than it has to do with having sex. Terzzzi asks House if he thinks "acting like an idiot" and crudely talking about sex works on "girls." Meanwhile, the actress who plays Terzzzi is forty-one. Really more of a "woman" than a "girl." Curtis interrupts the two to gloat that he was totally right about the isotopes and House was wrong. Not so, says House -- for he is cleverly treating John for pancreatitis with the antibiotics Curtis gave him and by eating his lunch ("withholding nutrients," is what House calls his stealing), as well as taking John off of the drugs Curtis was giving him that wouldn't help pancreatitis. Curtis is outraged. John doesn't seem to care, but that's because he's gone unresponsive. House thinks this is a good moment to joke that John must be overwhelmed with gratitude. It's kind of weird to see a guy who's supposed to be a brilliant doctor who cares about his profession above all else make jokes in the face of a dying patient whose condition House appears to have just made a lot worse.

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