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Doctors Without Boundaries

Back from break, everyone's back in the conference room and Foreman's taking a moment to stare CTB and PS down. I would have stared them down, too, except it would have been their retreating backsides I was looking at as I kicked them out of the hospital for defying my orders like that. Kumar tries to be cute and suggests writing Casey's new symptom on the Whiteboard. Foreman says he can't, since they don't know if it's a symptom or the result of CTB and PS giving her steroids at the same time as the interferon. Apparently, this can fry one's immune system. WOW, nice going CTB and PS. If they really thought it was lupus, they should've disconnected her from the interferon. If they weren't sure enough to do that, then they shouldn't have treated for the lupus at all. Treating her for both at the same time and frying her immune system is not what House would have done. CTB defends herself by saying they did consult an immunologist (who looked at the chart for all of one second and is currently working as an ER doctor and not an immunologist), and Foreman immediately figures out who she's talking about. He's pissed to hear that Cameron told them to undermine him, but 13 says they should get back to the medicine for now and stop watching Foreman "spank" CTB and PS for their mistake. Hey, guys, do you think maybe 13 is into spanking? Or maybe her abusive dad used to spank her. Oh, wait, I don't care.

Foreman yells that medicine is the last thing any of the Numbers care about, and he's right. Instead of continuing on his little tirade, though, he calms down and tries to be the anti-House by saying that they aren't bad doctors or people, but House has pitted them all against each other and acting like this is not going to help themselves or their patients. CTB points out that it will help "whoever wins," but she's the only one still into House's game for now, as the rest of the team resumes differential diagnosing. PS guesses botulism. Random Guy guesses polio. You can almost hear the record scratch there. PS laughs that they should look for either FDR's remains or a time machine in Casey's house. I don't see why she can't have both. By the way, if they do check for a time machine, they should be sure to check Biff's garage for a Delorean. CTB says Casey has been vaccinated for polio, and 13 points out that there hasn't been an American case of polio in twenty years. Hey, guys -- maybe 13 is related to Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine????? Such mystery! I'm at the edge of my seatzzzzzzzzzz. Random Guy insists that he's seen polio in his Doctors Without Borders travels and this is what it looks like. He adds that if House was here, he'd believe him. Foreman tells Random Guy he can take his attitude and go find House, then, because while Foreman can't fire Random Guy, he can certainly kick him off the case. With that warning hanging in the air for the Numbers to absorb, Foreman says he's going to start treating Casey for botulism while the Numbers search her house for food contaminated with a magical botulism that doesn't cause barfing or the shits.

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