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Hurricrap Katrina

Back in the Differential Diagnosis Lair, House and the Cottages try to figure out what fungus Leona was most likely exposed to. Since she told Crandall she was living at the Children's Shelter in Ridgeland after Katrina, House says that's one place they can definitely rule out, because he's still convinced that Leona is a liar. "We can't ask Leona where she was -- she's intubated," Cameron says. House gets a look on his face that says, "Oh, can't we?"

House injects Leona with something that wakes her up. He tells her to blink to respond to his questions. First up, he wants to know if she lied to Crandall. She doesn't blink. He asks her if she was really living at the shelter, as she told Crandall, reminding her that her answer could determine whether she lives or dies. Again, she doesn't blink that she lied to Crandall. "You're a lousy con artist!" House says. She should know her mark well enough to know that no matter where she said she really was after Katrina, Crandall would still have taken her in, so she doesn't have to lie. For reasons beyond my comprehension, Leona trusts the guy who's been needlessly torturing her all episode and has almost killed her like three times. She blinks. House's theory is flawed here, though -- I mean, what if she was just blinking because her eyes were dry? Anyway, House puts a piece of paper and a pen in her hand and tells her to write down where she was instead of the Children's Home.

The answer is that Leona was at her grandfather's recording studio, which Leona didn't want Crandall to know because she knew from his book how much he hated what went on there. Not like all that much Jesse-style debauchery and sin would have been happening in a flooded, abandoned, hurricane-ravaged room like that, but whatever. For obvious reasons, recording studios have soundproofing, which absorbs moisture. And nothing's moister than a flood that takes out an entire city. The zygomycosis fungus is found at the highest levels of mold. They'll treat her for that and she'll be fine by dinner. Apparently, swiss cheese lungs aren't as big a problem as you would have thought, and instantly heal themselves once the thing that caused them is taken care of.

Foreman sets up the zygomycosis treatment while Crandall stands around sulking that Leona lied to him. Foreman tells him to get used to this -- that's what teenage daughters do. Unlike SOME PEOPLE, Foreman has taken Crandall and Leona's situation at face value and seen no need to dig deeper than that. And it didn't affect Leona's treatment one way or the other. Imagine that! He leaves the room, and Crandall sits down and holds his (maybe) daughter's hand.

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