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Cuddy comes to see House. She opens her mouth to speak. House looks at her expectantly. Finally: "Thank you for the injections." "You're welcome," House says. Cuddy turns to go, so House has to ask her if this was the only reason for her visit. Of course not! She just can't bring herself to say what it was. Your guess as to that is as good as mine, but it looks to me like she was trying to ask him to be her sperm donor, but chickened out.

Leona's getting better. Crandall thanks House for saving his daughter by almost killing her, and House asks him why he thinks he'll be a good father to Leona. Crandall says it just feels right. And it feels good. House has never done anything in his life that felt both right AND good, so he is dismissive of this. But Crandall says that his reasons are good enough no matter what House says, and then Leona starts gagging. House rushes Crandall out of the room, and then closes the curtain behind him and removes Leona's tube for some one-on-one time. She isn't choking and dying like House cruelly told Crandall she was -- just breathing on her own now that her lungs are healing. House tells her that he lied to Crandall and ran that paternity test after all. Leona looks scared. House adds that Leona's lie was much worse than House's, which makes me think that she was a con artist after all. But then House says that Leona really is Crandall's daughter, so I don't know what he meant by that. Leona doesn't look all that thrilled about the test results, though. On his way out of the room, House tells Crandall that they're even.

House goes home. Wilson leaves a message on his answering machine as House looks at the real paternity test results -- Leona isn't Crandall's daughter after all. He told her she was so that she wouldn't screw him over like she apparently set out to do, and so that Crandall would keep the daughter he seemed so happy to find. It's the only non-asshole thing House has probably ever done for Crandall. He puts the test results down on his coffee table, right next to the syringe that used to be full of morphine.

Next week is the season finale! Let's hope it's a better episode than this one was.

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