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Good Friend, Bad Oncologist

The next day, Wilson walks through the oncology wing and finds his assistant, who sadly tells him that Tucker's doing worse before adding that Dell is doing much better. Well, good. Now Wilson won't have to donate part of his lung to Dell. He heads to Dell's room to tell him the good news -- that he no longer has to worry about the tiny yet potentially deadly dot on his lungs that he wasn't worried about in the first place. Dell tells Wilson he's amazing for this. If he was really amazing then Dell wouldn't be on his fifth round of chemo. He'd be better already. Quibbles.

Wilson heads for Cuddy's office. She thinks he's there to talk about her problems, and so starts in with complaining about how she made an offer on the loft but the seller turned her down. Ha! Way to be picky in this real estate market, New Jersey property owner. Wilson doesn't offer Cuddy any advice, simply saying "I want to donate a lobe of my liver to Tucker." Cuddy calls him ridiculous. "You're a doctor, not a donor!" she Dr. McCoys. Wilson asks her why she made him the head of oncology. "Not because you have the most organs," she says. Well, why not? It certainly isn't because he's the best (or even a good) oncologist, seeing as how on this one case alone he: 1. Ignored the advice of one of the world's leading diagnosticians that his patient had cancer; 2. Only discovered he had cancer after an unnecessary operation on the patient's lungs showed evidence of it; 3. Was not able to successfully treat the cancer that 90% of people recover fully from; and 4. Finally cured the cancer at the expense of the patient's liver, thereby giving him even less time to live than he had before. That is poor. Cuddy says Wilson is "thoughtful" and "caring." Although in this particular case, caring is not a strength. Why can't Cuddy just admit that the reason why she chose Wilson is that PPTH doesn't have any other oncologists? Wilson says this isn't about guilt over destroying Tucker's liver, but friendship. He wants to save his friend's life. Cuddy approves, but makes her Pained Expression as he walks out.

Wilson heads to House's office and gives him the news about the donation, saying he's doing it because Tucker is his friend. House says he's Wilson's friend, too, so when he no doubt needs a liver (and that will be soon, considering how much abuse House has given his liver), he'll be expecting Wilson to give him some, too. "I'm not here for an argument," Wilson says. "No, right, that's room 12A," House says, because now is a great time for a Monty Python reference. What Wilson is there for is to invite House to be there for him when he has the operation House doesn't want him to have. House refuses. "Why?" Wilson asks, shocked. "Because if you die, I'm alone," House says. Well, as long as it's about you, House.

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