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Good Friend, Bad Oncologist

On the way to the OR to place a chemo-dispensing shunt in Tucker's brain, Wilson says he'll need to pick someone to act as his health care proxy in case the shunt bumps into the wrong part of Tucker's brain and he can't make decisions for himself anymore. Tucker asks for Melissa, which Ashley does not appreciate. Oh, come on, Ashley. You're his girlfriend. Melissa is the mother of his daughter, who should really be the person chosen as the health care proxy but I'm assuming she's too young. The Cottages run past with a gurney and a new patient and cut off Wilson's trip to the OR. House shoves a revised OR schedule in Wilson's face and says Tucker's surgery was cancelled for House's patient because House lied that he was bleeding out of his eyes. Meanwhile, the guy with brain cancer has to wait to receive proper treatment. Nice, PPTH. I don't know why people go there.

So this gives Tucker and Ashley some time to talk about how Tucker would rather have Melissa as his proxy than her. Tucker says that when it comes to medical matters, he trusts Melissa more than Ashley because he went through it with Melissa before. That makes a lot of sense, actually. But Ashley thinks it means that Tucker still loves his ex-wife. "Don't make this into more than it is," Tucker says. And also don't make the guy with second cancer who's about to have brain surgery feel bad right now. Save it for later, Ashley.

The next day, Tucker's condition has not improved despite the chemo shunt and Ashley isn't around because she's having a sulk, because Tucker doesn't have enough to deal with right now. Wilson tells Tucker that the chemo isn't working, mostly likely because the leukemia is resistant to it thanks to that first round of chemo five years ago. Whoops! And the sad piano music is playing, so you know Wilson has some bad news to deliver. Yes, Tucker is in the 10% of people who don't get cured. OR IS HE?

Wilson goes to House, who brags about how his latest patient had a screw removed from his lung. How did the screw get in the lung in the first place? Surely he didn't inhale it. Unless it was a very tiny screw. Anyway, he's still not better, which House claims he's telling Wilson to make some kind of point that Wilson's idea to double Tucker's chemo dose is a stupid one. Wilson thinks it'll thwart Tucker's chemo resistance and that he's just thinking like House. House reminds him that Wilson is Wilson and House is House. "I can handle when things go wrong. You can't," House says. Yes, because House really handles things so well. But I guess he means when things go wrong with the patients that he doesn't care about.

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