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Good Friend, Bad Oncologist

Wilson tells Tucker, Melissa, and Emily about his wacky double chemo plan and how dangerous it could be. But it could also save Tucker's life. Tucker asks Melissa what he should do. She says he should call his girlfriend. "You're my family. I'm sorry I forgot that," Tucker says. I guess the hot young girlfriend isn't quite as appealing now. Meanwhile, Emily is thrilled to see her parents reunited and says that Tucker should do the double chemo because if it works then they'll have Tucker with them for as long as possible. Of course, it could also means he'll be with them for a lot less time, but no one really thinks about that. Wilson hooks up the double chemo.

Time passes, and what do you know? Tucker's arm is moving and he's feeling cancer-free! Everyone is happy until Wilson notices that Tucker's eyes are looking very orange. Uh oh.

House enters the lab to find Hadley and Taub discussing how their latest patient is a dead man and Wilson looking terribly sad in front of a microscope. House quickly informs Taub and Hadley he isn't in there for them -- he's there for Wilson. Wilson says the double chemo cured Tucker's cancer, but it also fried his liver. In just 24 hours, half of it has died. Hadley and Taub respect Wilson's ability to destroy organs. House is very supportive of his devastated friend and says that this will serve as a good lesson to everyone else to never double a chemotherapy dose. By the way, what happened to the blood brain barrier? Didn't they say that the cancer couldn't get to the rest of Tucker's body because of it? And they were administering the chemo directly to his brain, so wouldn't that mean the chemo couldn't get to the liver?

Wilson decides to give Tucker and family the good news first: the cancer is gone! Followed by the bad news: he'll be dead in 24 hours if they can't find him a new liver. Melissa wants something they can do, but Wilson says there's nothing but waiting at this point, since neither she nor Emily (nor Ashley, whose blood type is apparently on file) match Tucker's blood type so they can't do a live liver donation. House takes this moment to walk in and be the bearer of some actual good news, albeit delivered in usual House style. First of all, he's soaking wet, the result of some crazy test he had to do on his latest patient in a shower. The ER shower, to be specific, which is where he saw a brain-dead motorcyclist being wheeled in who matches Tucker's blood type. The only problem is he's not an organ donor. But House got the address of his next of kin sister so he and Wilson can go convince her otherwise. That can't be ethical, right? Surely there must be some kind of rule against doctors going to dead non-organ donors' next of kins' homes and making them feel guilty and about not sharing?

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