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Last time on House: read the recap! Or the recaplet if you're in a hurry. Better yet: watch the episode. It was awesome.

Not much time has passed since we last left our show; it's the same day, and Wilson and House have made it to Princeton General, a.k.a. Craphole General. Look at that place! Old ceiling tiles, gross beige curtains separating patient beds, dull blue-gray walls -- hell, it has walls! PPTH has only windows and a cool fountain that looks like a waterfall. And that mural. Surely Craphole General can afford that stuff, too! After all, they don't have House on their staff to cost them in legal fees and accreditation committee fines. Then again, perhaps it is House and all those expensive and unnecessary tests he runs on his patients that have given PPTH such fat pockets. Anyway, CTB probably doesn't mind the hideous outdated d├ęcor she's surrounded by because she's in a coma. Her doctor, who is not pleasing to the eyes like almost everyone at PPTH (I'm so sorry, Taub), says that they've fixed CTB's crash injuries, but now her heart is racing and they don't know why. "Sure it wasn't the bus that landed on her?" House asks, phrasing it as crudely as possible even though poor Wilson -- and, for the matter, CTB -- are in the room. Craphole General Dr. Ordinary McBoring says that heart has nothing to do with the trauma, as it started well after she arrived at the hospital and had whatever surgeries she needed. Meanwhile, Wilson is kind of upset at the sight of the woman he loves looking all broken. He asks the Dr. McBoring why no one called him, which would be a stupid question were he thinking clearly. CTB has been unconscious the entire time and had no ID. And even if she did, why would anyone know to call Wilson? Does her wallet have a "in case of emergency, call Wilson" card in it? Is it tattooed on her unmentionables? House focuses on the case, finding out that CTB's leg wound was repaired in surgery and she's on dialysis for her damaged kidneys. He asks about some heart test to see what's up with CTB's heart, but Dr. McBoring says she's in line behind three other, more critical patients. WHAT! A line? For equipment? This place sucks. Are those vertical blinds I see? Nasty. Get CTB out of here! Dr. McBoring protests moving CTB to PPTH while her heart is like this, but her husband has the power to overrule his decisions, and Wilson is perfectly happy to lie. Either that, or if this season hadn't been cut short by the strike we would have seen CTB and Wilson get married.

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