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Smile Time

And when Wilson goes to check on CTB, he finds her covered in blankets with Foreman and Cuddy standing over her like the Angels of Death. Cuddy says they're going to restart CTB's heart, and are raising her body temperature to do so. Wilson is not pleased about this development at all, and he frantically rips the blankets off and says they still have time to "undo" what Foreman and Cuddy are clearly dead-set on doing. Unfortunately for them, Wilson notices that CTB's brain waves aren't looking so good, which means that not only do they not know what's wrong with CTB again since the antibiotics clearly didn't work, but they've also let it spread to her brain by warming her up. I guess House was right after all.

After the break, the Cottages work to cool CTB back down while Wilson and Cuddy scream at each other in House's office. Wilson is (understandably, considering the situation) out of his mind angry, saying that Cuddy went behind both his and House's backs and made CTB even worse. Cuddy's weak counter-argument is that they have a new symptom, which should help in the eventual diagnosis. She says that House would have done the same thing if Wilson hadn't "guilted" him into keeping CTB cold, then turns to House and asks if he has any ideas now that they have this new symptom. House says an autoimmune disorder fits best. They should put CTB on prednisone and warm her back up. Okay, this freezing and re-heating thing cannot be a good idea. I wouldn't even do that with my dinner leftovers. CTB is going to get, like, ice crystals and stuff. Wilson points out that if they're wrong and CTB has an infection, the prednisone will destroy her immune system and she'll be a goner. Cuddy quietly reminds Wilson that House is the doctor and Wilson is the family, so he should back off. Then she wisely runs out of the room so she doesn't have to deal with the fallout.

Wilson all but begs House not to do this, but House says an emotional plea is not a sound argument. Wilson kicks something and storms out, only to walk back in. This time, he looks a lot less angry and much more sad. He admits that Cuddy was right that he wanted to keep CTB frozen because he thought it could make everything stop. House nods and says CTB will be okay. But Wilson didn't just come back to apologize -- he has a favor to ask. And it's a doozy, as we can tell by Wilson's reluctance to even say it. But he does. He asks House to try that electric brain zapping thing he suggested before to recover his memories so he can be absolutely sure that the rash was the symptom he saw before the crash. Wilson is afraid that there's another symptom out there that they're missing, the one that could be the key to a definite diagnosis. House thinks for a minute and it looks like his eyes tear up and he's kind of human. He asks if Wilson is suggesting that he risk his life with the brain zapping thing to possibly save CTB's. Basically, he's asking if Wilson is saying that CTB's life is more important to him that House's. And guess what? It is. Which means House might as well do it, because he has nothing left to lose.

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