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Smile Time

Chase the surgeon is somehow responsible for this delicate brain operation. He drills holes in House's skull while House stares at Wilson, possibly willing him to change his mind. But Wilson doesn't, and Chase sticks the electric probe into House's brain. Wilson turns it on, but all House sees is a black-and-white shot of Fred with no sound. Can memories really do that? Lose sound and color as they fade away? I have a photographic memory so I honestly don't know. It's either there or it's not for me. There is no in-between. House orders Wilson to jack up the voltage so he can see and hear everything. Wilson does, and the flashback is complete.

Fred takes House's keys away and sticks them in the register like a responsible bartender. A drunk House picks up his cell phone and either it's out of batteries or he doesn't want his number showing up on the caller ID of whoever he intends to call, so he asks Fred for his phone instead. He dials a number, and Wilson appears in the bar in his scrubs to ask who House is calling. "Wilson," House answers. But Wilson was on call that night. So CTB was the one who answered the phone. House says he told her to get Wilson and have him pick him up from the bar, because he's a user who doesn't know how to dial a cab or drink responsibly. None of which is surprising. Instead of Wilson, though, it's CTB who shows up at the bar. House is even drunker now, and he whines that he wants Wilson to come pick him up, not her. She says Wilson's working, so she's doing her boyfriend a solid and picking House up herself. You've really got to love Wilson to pick up House on his behalf, I have to say. She tugs at House's arm to go, but he wants more drinks. And he wants CTB to have one, too! He's almost nice when he's smashed. He asks CTB what she wants. She just wants to leave. But he uses his super brain to remember Wilson buying cranberry juice and guesses her drink of choice is a cosmopolitan. Either that or Wilson had a UTI he was trying to get rid of. I kind of like that House and Wilson apparently go grocery shopping together. And that House pays that much attention to what Wilson gets. House orders another scotch for himself and a cosmo for CTB, threatening to drink them both if she won't drink hers. If I were her, I'd let House drink his little girly drink, but she just wants the path of least resistance, so she says if she drinks the cosmo, then House will leave voluntarily. They seal the deal with a toast, and both of them down their drinks in like two seconds. Yes, that's a good idea when you're about to drive a car, CTB. Nothing like getting hit with the alcohol buzz when you're in the middle of a left turn! House tries to order another round, but CTB sneezes. She wipes her nose, and House can now see that the snot (which he apparently studies even when he's drunk and doesn't know that it could be an Important Clue later on) looks like regular old snot. There's no blood in it. Thanks for letting us all see that though, show.

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