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Smile Time

House gets up and starts to limp out of the bar without his cane. CTB throws his arm around her shoulder to help him walk, but then Fred demands that someone pay for all of House's drinks while he says he's taking the bus home. I think he only wanted Wilson to come pick him up so that Wilson would pay for all of his drinks. Now CTB gets to do it. She lets House go to pay his tab, and her uncharacteristic kindness here bodes not well for her future. Or for her having one. House plops himself down on a bus seat, but there is no escape from CTB. She appears with the cane that he left at the bar and sits down across from him. So she was on the bus because she was being nice and giving a cripple who has made her life nothing but difficult his cane back after paying for his eight rounds of scotch and one cosmo. She probably paid his bus fare, too. Oh, and she's not even feeling very well. She sneezes again and says she's coming down with "that nasty flu." In my experience, when you come down with the flu, it happens quickly. Like, by the time you finish the sentence "I think I'm coming down with the flu," you're lying in your bed with a high fever wishing you were dead. Wilson asks if this could all be because of the flu, but House says that only explains CTB's rash. Taub called that, by the way. Go Taub! "Unless ... " House says, and his eyes bulge in horror in both his flashback and in present time. He watches CTB take out a pill bottle. She downs a few pills as House whispers "don't do it." But she does. It's odd to see House telling someone else not to swallow pills, by the way. It's like Opposite Land.

"It wasn't the flu," House says, but he doesn't look very happy to have finally solved the mystery; "it's what she did for it. She has amantadine poisoning." I guess those pills were prescribed to her by the same guy who put her on those prescription diet pills. That guy needs to stop prescribing heavy-duty medicines for tiny problems. Wilson figures out the rest: when CTB's kidneys were shut down in the bus crash, she was no longer able to filter out the amantadine, causing her to overdose, which affected her heart, liver, brain, etc. Wilson says they just have to put CTB on dialysis to get rid of the amantadine and she'll be as good as new, but the look on House's face suggests that it's not going to be that simple. Plus, we already know (and Wilson apparently forgot) that CTB has been on dialysis since she was brought into Craphole General. Sure enough, House explains that amantadine is a little bastard that binds with proteins and therefore can't be filtered out of the blood with dialysis. "There's nothing we can do. I'm so sorry," he says, and the sad music comes back but I won't be sad! We have fifteen minutes left in the show so obviously House is going to figure out a way to save CTB. Happy ending surprise! Yay! In the flashback, CTB is still sitting on the bus, blissfully unaware that she's just taken a dose of poison and of the bus crash that's about to happen. In the present time, House is crying. Not because he's sad about CTB, I suspect, but because of his own guilt and possibly because he actually has sympathy for Wilson, something I didn't know House was capable of until now. Then the bus crash happens again, and House in present time has a seizure and knocks over medical equipment but I'm sure that's one of those good seizures that helps you think of ways to cure amantadine poisoning.

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