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After the break, Foreman tells the kids that House had a "complex partial seizure." What was partial about it? It looked pretty complete to me. Anyway, his shaking opened up his skull fracture even more, so now his brain is bleeding again and he's in a coma. Oh, great. Nice one, Wilson. Now both your girlfriend and your best friend are in comas! Being friends with Wilson dramatically increases one's risk of being comatose, it seems. Foreman says they won't know if House suffered any brain damage until he wakes up. If he does suffer brain damage, let's hopes it the kind that Foreman had when he was sick for those two episodes in season two, where he forgot how to tell his right and left hand apart but then was totally fine.

Over in CTB's room, Chase is having no luck restarting her heart. Back in the conference room, Foreman says that the amantadine poisoning caused CTB's heart to race. And once it stopped in that ambulance, it was over. In the end, it didn't matter whether they shocked CTB's heart or froze her. The end result would have been the same, and it's not a good one. Kumar goes through the motions of suggesting a heart transplant, but there's no chance of that with the damage the rest of her organs incurred. Foreman repeats what House said to Wilson: there's nothing they can do now. There was nothing they could have done. I'm guessing Craphole General couldn't have done anything either. CTB's fate was sealed the second the bus crashed into her kidneys.

Wilson stares outside a rain-soaked window. Cuddy comes up behind him and says CTB is still alive, "technically." They could take her off the anesthesia and wake her up in time for Wilson to say good-bye. This will also give House enough time to wake up from his coma and fix CTB. Good! Wilson thinks it would be cruel to wake someone up to die. I don't know. I guess if it was me, I'd want to be as conscious as possible for my last hours of life, even if they wouldn't be very pleasant and I probably wouldn't take the news of my impending death very well. But still -- it's better than nothing. Fortunately, the chances that I will experience something like this are quite small, since I've only gotten the flu once in my life and I never take the bus. Therefore, I will live forever. Hooray for me! Wilson can't even get the words out when he repeats that he would be waking CTB up to tell her she's dying. He cries instead. Cuddy hugs him and says he's waking her up so that they can both say good-bye. And if they have time after that, they can also talk about how House finally managed to drive them apart. Maybe even plot some beyond-the-grave revenge. "She would want it," Cuddy says. Which means it doesn't matter that Wilson wouldn't.

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