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Smile Time

Chase leaves Wilson with CTB and a comforting pat on the shoulder. She wakes up and smiles at her boyfriend. Then she realizes that he's really upset and she's on a bypass machine. "I shouldn't have gone on the bus," she says, remembering what happened. Wilson says it's not her fault. But he clearly thinks it's someone's fault. And I doubt he's blaming the driver of the truck that hit the bus, which he should if he's going to blame anyone. "How bad?" CTB asks, although I think she must already know the answer. Wilson explains it in purely medical terms. He does not say that her heart problem was caused by the amantadine she took. But CTB is a doctor too, so she guesses "the flu pills?" Wilson just says "yeah." "I'm dying," she realizes. She looks terrified. Anne Dudek is amazing. I'm going to be so happy when House wakes up and saves her. What's taking him so long, anyway?

Meanwhile, in the conference room, Hadley decides they should go and say good-bye to CTB. Why not? Apparently her parents live like a billion miles away and therefore won't arrive in time to do so, nor will any of her friends, of which we know she has at least one. I guess she had to walk her dogs and couldn't make it to her friend's deathbed. Bitch. "She didn't even like us," Taub says. "We liked her," Kumar says. "Did we?" Taub asks. "We do now," Foreman says. Hell yeah, you do. Just because CTB wouldn't sleep with you doesn't mean you get to be an asshole to her when she's dying, Taub. Even Hadley is handling this better than you right now. Taub wants to know what he's supposed to say. Kumar says they don't have to say anything.

So they don't. In a music montage, they stroll past CTB's bed and non-say their good-byes. Kumar just stares at her and leaves. Taub blows her a kiss, which was totally sweet. Foreman spends most of his time looking at Wilson. Hadley gives CTB a hug. Sniff, sniff. But I won't cry. Because then I'll feel so stupid when House cures her and she's fine.

Wilson and CTB cuddle until CTB says she's tired. "I think it's time to go to sleep," she says. Wilson doesn't want her to go. He wants more time. She says they'll always want more time. They won't get it. Until House runs up and cures her, of course. Wilson says doesn't think he can turn the bypass machine off. It's kind of cruel of them to make Wilson have to do that. Couldn't Cameron have done it via remote control instead? "It's okay," Amber says. "Why is it okay with you?" he asks; "why aren't you angry?" Her answer is simple: "that's not the last feeling I want to experience." There will be no rage against the dying of the light for Amber. After all that attitude, all the coldness, the cutthroat bitchiness she displayed, she's going to end her life smiling and in love. They kiss, and Wilson turns off the bypass machines. Um ... House is running out of time here. And then ... Amber dies. Wait, what? Where's House?

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