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Smile Time

Oh shit! He's still in the coma! NO!!! They killed Amber! I guess I'm not surprised. I had a feeling this was the only way this would end. It still hurts though! I liked Amber better than most of the regular cast. I guess we were supposed to; that's why it sucks extra hard that she's dead. But she's not gone yet. House wakes up in coma land. It's all white and he's sitting on a bus. Cool music is playing, too. And there's someone sitting next to him. It's Amber, of course. She's looking much healthier than the last time we saw her. And in the afterlife, you get perfect make-up. "You're dead," he greets her. "Everybody dies," she says. Just like everybody lies. Everybody cries, too, when they watch this episode. House asks if that includes him right now. She raises her eyebrows and then the music stops. "Not yet," she says. Death has made her especially smug, by the way. I miss her already. House says he should be dead. He should be the person who died in the crash, not her. Because he's a drug addict who hates people and she's a "young do-gooder in love" who was only on the bus because he dragged her out of her apartment in the middle of the night to pick his drunk ass up. "Life shouldn't be random," he says. "Self-pity isn't like you," CTB points out. Yeah, really. Where's the House who knew and accepted that life was random and didn't bother to protest it? Guilt changes people. Guilt, and comas. "Wilson is gonna hate me," he says. "You kinda deserve it," CTB says. House seems surprised by that. I guess it's different when someone else says it. "He's my best friend," House says. "I know," CTB says, but she offers no solutions. Just this: "what now?" House says he'd rather stay here with CTB. Because his other option is getting off the bus and waking up to a world where everything hurts and his best friend is gone. "It doesn't hurt here," he says; "I don't want to be in pain. I don't want to be miserable. And I don't want him to hate me." And yet, he's never tried to change those things before. Maybe he will now. I want him to change a little, I think. This should matter. Just not too much. "You can't always get what you want," CTB Jaggers. I cheered at that line, I really did. This whole scene was a great little callback to the things that made this show so great in the beginning, and I'm hopeful for Season 5. I guess House is too, because he gets off the bus. Amber looks beautiful and serene as she fades to white.

House wakes up. Cuddy's at his bedside, and insists on making her presence known. She asks him to blink if he can hear her. He does. She's incredibly relieved, and tells him not to try to talk, because she knows he'll ruin the moment with a crude remark about her boobs.

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