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Smile Time

No one at Craphole General bothered to check the non-existent marriage license, so the next thing we see is House and Wilson tending to CTB in the back of an ambulance. Apparently, Craphole General can't even afford to staff its ambulances with paramedics. House gets right to work, wondering if the bus crash exacerbated an underlying condition that caused the heart problem, while Wilson just wants to know why CTB was on the bus and why she was with House. A frustrated House reminds Wilson that he can't remember anything to answer his questions, and also he's recovering from a recent heart attack so he really needs Wilson to get over his emotional stuff right now and give him a hand. Especially now that CTB's heart just went into V-fib. House is about to zap her, but Wilson snaps out of it just in time to suggest that in lieu of re-starting CTB's heart, they put her in "protective hypothermia" with her heart on a bypass machine and hope they can figure out what's wrong with her and cure it in time. Wilson doesn't want to restart CTB's heart because it will just keep racing and apparently shoot off some brain-damaging free radicals. House obviously doesn't think this is a good idea, or one that he would have chosen if the decision was left up to him. But Wilson is begging him to do it, so he agrees. Fortunately, the ambulance is well-stocked with ice packs.

We're finally back in PPTH, where the patient rooms have cathedral ceilings and are filled with plentiful technology. CTB's bypass room is huge and all white. She has several doctors tending to her needs and even more hanging out in the balcony above, and almost all of them all pretty. It's great to be back! Chase the Surgeon is in charge of hooking CTB up to the bypass machine. He does it with no problems and gives House and the team the nod. "Why are we doing this?" Foreman asks, now that it's apparently okay to talk. House says they're trying to buy some time. He glares at Wilson on his way out. House hates buying time, I guess. Maybe it's because the "buying" part making him think of spending money. Taub and Foreman give Wilson manly pats on the back on their way out.

In the conference room, House is writing on the Whiteboard O'Symptoms and asking for diagnoses on a prior condition that could be exacerbated by trauma. Taub rattles several off before HADLEY (now with last name!) says "it could be anything" in a most unhelpful manner. "GREAT! LET'S EXPLORE THAT!" House barks at her with one of his more impressive eye-rolls. Wow, someone's in a bad mood. I'm happy enough to see him take it out on Hadley, though. Foreman points out that they are now unable to perform several helpful diagnostic tests on CTB because someone thought it would be a good idea to stop her heart. House doesn't appreciate this being pointed out, so he yells at Foreman that he's sorry it's going to make things more difficult to diagnose, but at least now their patient will be alive for her diagnosis. Kumar has a suggestion: jogging House's memory again to see if he can remember whatever symptom CTB had before the crash. "Why not cyanide?" Taub says cheerfully. Somehow, I don't think he'd have too much of a problem if House were to take cyanide. For some reason, Taub doesn't think it's a good idea for House to take more of the pills that stopped his heart. He suggests sleep instead. House actually agrees. I guess now that he knows CTB is the person he's risking his life for, he's not quite so eager to do so. House tells Foreman to give CTB an angiogram, on which even a stopped heart will show damage. Everyone else gets to search CTB's pad for anything that could make her heart race.

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