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Smile Time

Hadley and Kumar take off, but Taub stays behind for some adult talk. House takes a seat at his desk, and Taub asks him if there's anything "medically relevant" that he didn't want everyone else to know. Why would Taub think he's qualified to be House's special confidante? I guess since Taub cheats on his wife he figures he's the best person for House to talk to about stealing his best friend's woman. "I was not having an affair with her," House says. Taub says he can't know that if he doesn't remember what happened. Maybe they decided to go on a drug binge while they were partying it up at the bar. House knows himself well enough to know that's a possibility, so he approves Taub's request to run a tox screen on CTB.

Kumar and Hadley enter Wilson and CTB's apartment. While Kumar gets right to work, Hadley stands around the foyer looking... well, I'm not sure what she's supposed to be feeling. Olivia Wilde always looks bored to me. I usually look the same way when she's on screen. Kumar makes himself at home checking out the files on CTB's computer and trying to justify how this invasion of privacy is medically relevant. Hadley just wants to leave. But Kumar finds a folder called "travel" and hopes it'll say CTB went to some disease-filled locale. But when he opens the files in the folder, there isn't much travel at all. It's just webcam movie of CTB sitting on her couch. Oh, and there's Wilson taking a seat next to her. Apparently, he's nervous about something. "I've never done this before!" he exclaims. "I have!" she purrs. And then they make out, at which point Hadley slams the laptop closed over Kumar's protests with a "not even close to relevant." Yeah, it's probably not, and why would you want to watch a video of two people you know having sex anyway? Gross, Kumar.

Hadley stands on the threshold of the bedroom and pouts. She's probably got all kinds of mental images of what goes on in there now, thanks to Kumar's snooping. Kumar wants to turn those mental images into real one, and tries to makes a case for watching the homemade porn, to which Hadley snarks that unless they're having sex on a pile of asbestos, she doubts it'll give them any clues. Hee hee. Then Hadley loses me when she scolds Kumar for not watching the video because he knows the patient, saying if CTB was a stranger he'd be watching. Um, he'd be watching this one too if you hadn't slammed the computer shut on his fingers. And he's still trying to watch it! So the only person altering her behavior right now is you, Hadley. "We shouldn't be treating her at all," she says, shaking her head. Okay, that's a good point. But it's not very nice of Hadley to point out when writers put things on the show that would never, ever happen in a real hospital. It's called dramatic license, Hadley. Kumar gives up on Hadley doing her share of the work and goes off to search the bathroom.

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